30 drunk people who have no idea what they are doing

30 drunk people who have no idea what they are doing

What do you when your friend is too drunk and doing something stupid? That's right, you take a picture.

Drunk people usually end up doing the funniest things. But when surrounded by friends who document their drunk escapades, it helps us see the wonderful side of the internet. Here are 30 people who have no idea what they are doing, thanks to their drinking.

30. You are, again.

29. Jumping to your doom

28. Too much of free booze isn't good

27. With friends like these...

26. This man is warm for the night

25. Call Robin, someone

24. When you can't beat em, join em!

23. LOL, priorities

22. When its yoga time but alcohol is bae

21. What is happening here? Just a friendly Alpaca hanging out with his bros

20. Lord, where is the door?

19. When you're really hungry post-tequila

18. She is not amused

17. An arm wrestle gone too far

16. When you're single and beer is the only comfort for the night

15. Home is where I drinks 

14. Let us hope that is beer


13. Save it, don't spray it!

12. Too much? What is that, Susan?

11. How did he even end up there?

10. Family support

9. When your friend is at the door but you're too drunk to get up

8. Background, ladies

7. When you decide that throwing up is your destiny now

6. When your friend is drunk but your bae needs a hug

5. There goes the liquid diet 

4. Armed and dangerous(ly) fun

3. When you gotta crash, you gotta crash

2. She has no idea, does she?

1. Not too sure what is happening here, but they may want to get down from there 


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