25 photos that will make you feel thankful that you are not in the picture

25 photos that will make you feel thankful that you are not in the picture

People on the internet do weird things. They photograph even weirder situations. Enough said.

There are situations you just don't want to be a part of. From spiders in weird places to strange dolls and a tree trunk that looks like a secret gateway to hell, these photos are a stroke of genius as long as you are not the poor guy stuck in the scenario. What would you do if you were in them?

25. Would you turn on the light?

24. The lift will take you to god

23. This guy takes cleaning to the next level

22. Would you flush or would you run? What if it jumps?

21. He took wanderlust too far

20. Look! He wants to be your friend

19. Call for help or set yourself on fire?

18. The spider was making sure you paid off your parking tickets

17. How do you go down?

16. The lord of the lies

15. An extra passenger

14. The trees have eyes

13. Wtf is that? A cross between a toad and a spider?

12. Imagine seeing this in the middle of a long walk on a strange island

11. Seafood platter or seafood's platter?

10. Looks like the perfect getaway — for satanic cults

9. Nature at its not so finest

8. He's got a message from hell

7. Ice princess done wrong

6. Would you live here?

5. Is this gonna be the future of fashion?

4. What was going on here?

3. There's a storm coming

2. The lovely visitor is waiting for you, sunbathing

1. Would you like a ride in this car?

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