25 hilarious photos that prove men just love hate shopping

25 hilarious photos that prove men just love hate shopping

These perfectly timed photos, probably taken by amused wives, show what men do when you make them tag along as you go shopping.

Men stereotypically hate shopping. These hilarious photos prove that they must really do. These funny husbands have probably stuck shopping after their protests fell on deaf ears and their faces clearly say that they just would rather be anywhere else.

25. He is the assistant for the day

24. He's found a comfy spot

23. Sleeping bag adventures

22. He has decided to catch up on his work emails

21. She must have been away for hours — he looks furious

20. When all else fails

19. Contemplating some of life's decisions

18. Aaaaaah! The misery

17. Hey man, you stuck too?

16. Can you hear the snore?

15. He probably says you look good honey anyway

14. He doesn't care as much

13. Sooooooosaaaannnn, please finish

12. CLT was found but not his wife

11. This man is a genius

10. Nap time

9. Tears, those tears, wipe em away

8. So they seem to have found each other

7. He is probably thinking... "Oh to be young and free"

6. This man seems to be having fun

5. What a man who has given up on his wife looks like

4. Oh, more like HOHOHO

3. The season of the sale

2. Good that it's a warm shop

1. His life is upside down, much like the chairs

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