24 things that are 100% perfect... your friend with OCD would approve

24 things that are 100% perfect... your friend with OCD would approve

These photos were taken at the perfect time with, if we must add, perspective

Nothing drives a perfectionist up the wall like asymmetrical stuff. This, however, isn't about that. These 28 photos will quench the thirst of the OCD personality inside you. Scroll through for guaranteed satisfaction. One thing is certain though - if you feel a sense of glee, you probably have OCD issues.

24. What are the chances, really?

23. We always knew Chucks were the perfect shoes

22. Look how perfectly aligned

21. We live in peace

20. Clean mirrors can play tricks, and look at that perfect paper

19. Too perfect to be trash

18. Someone had a lot of time

17. The perfect bite does exist

16. This photo is so satisfying

15. Where is this store?

14. See? Miracles do exist

13. Is this some kind of code?

12. When you and your sibling fight over cake, and then mum divides it

11. They look like they are joining hands for battle

10. On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy does this make you?

9. The perfect tire tracks in the world

8. This must've been designed by a perfectionist

7. Raise your hands if you need this brush

6. When you buy a new trimmer

5. Just right

4. This should be made a norm

3. How is this even possible?

2. Leave it the way it is

1. Picture perfect

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