16 Sexiest Twins on Instagram you need to follow right now

16 Sexiest Twins on Instagram you need to follow right now

They are hot, they are sexy, they have taken the world by the storm and they come in pairs.

#1  Debra and Joyce

Image Source: Instagram (@glenntwin_debra)

Debra and Joyce hold degrees in accounting and are published authors. Talk about beauty and brains.

#2 Lewis and Owen

Image Source: Instagram (@lewis_harrison)

The brothers are bodybuilders of international repute and are hell-bent on maintaining equal proportions. So everything is same for them from their workout to their diet. Hmm!

#3  Katya and Masha

Image Source: Instagram (@katy_twins)

These ladies are twin supermodels from St. Petersberg and to be honest, Russia seems quite hot with them there.

#4 Aaron and Austin

Image Source: Instagram (@rhodesaaron)

These hotties rose to stardom when they came out together to their father in a video that went viral. They have only risen in their lives ever since.

#5 Ayaan and Idyl

Image Source: Instagram (@mataano)

These sisters are Brooklyn-based fashion designers and escaped Somalia's civil war when they were 9. They have made quite a name for themselves, haven't they?

#6 Dustin and Trevor

Image Source: Instagram (@the_jeppson_twins)

The SoCal adventure dudes that bodyboard, cook and are baking their way through life. They are chefs and hunks, don't think they need to be anything else.

#7 Ashley and Kat

Image Source: Instagram (@thehesstwins)

These Boston-based twins specialize in styling, direction, photography, modeling, and writing. Is there anything they cannot do?

#8 Marcos and Marcio

Image Source: Instagram (@marcos_patriota)

The brothers are models and based out of Brazil. Globetrotters, they are currently shooting in Milan for the best fashion brands.

#9 Oana and Andra

Image Source: Instagram (@oana_damian)

Andra and Oana are based out of London and they are both highly successful career women. Oana is a fitness instructor while Andra is a marketing specialist.

#10 Nicolas and Alessandro

Image Source: Instagram (@nicolas_hasni )

The German brothers are models by profession and are globetrotting currently, shooting for brands at exotic locations. Check out their Instagram handle for instant jealousy.

#11 Bia and Branca

Image Source: Instagram (@biaebrancaferes)

These Brazilian sisters were former synchronized swimmers and represented their country in the Olympics too. Currently, they have over half a million followers on Instagram.

#12 Larry and Laurent

Image Source: Instagram (@lestwins)

Professionally known as the 'Les Twins', these brothers are French and are choreographers and hip-hop dancers. Add to that, they have also featured in videos with Nicki Minaj and Beyonce.

#13 Gilian and Eileen

Image Source: Instagram (@om_twiins)

Ardent vegetarians, these ladies hail from Mexico and are fitness trainers and life coaches in Playa del Carmen.

#14 Alex and Charlie

Image Source: Instagram (@k2brothers)

These brothers hailing from the sunny South Africa are inspirational speakers, life coach, and bodybuilders. And who wouldn't be inspired, just look at those abs.

#15 Renee and Elisha

Image Source: Instagram (@reneeherbert_)

These teen models have just begun their careers and boy are they in demand. The ladies from Australia are definitely setting the ramp on fire.

#16 Jordan and Zac

Image Source: Instagram (@jordanandzac)

The brothers are Australian by birth and have turned into models with a recent appearance for Vogue. They also boast of a highly successful YouTube channel

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