16 Sexiest Twins on Instagram you need to follow right now

They are hot, they are sexy, they have taken the world by the storm and they come in pairs.

#1  Debra and Joyce

Image Source: Instagram (@glenntwin_debra)

Debra and Joyce hold degrees in accounting and are published authors. Talk about beauty and brains.

#2 Lewis and Owen

Image Source: Instagram (@lewis_harrison)

The brothers are bodybuilders of international repute and are hell-bent on maintaining equal proportions. So everything is same for them from their workout to their diet. Hmm!

#3  Katya and Masha

Image Source: Instagram (@katy_twins)

These ladies are twin supermodels from St. Petersberg and to be honest, Russia seems quite hot with them there.

#4 Aaron and Austin

Image Source: Instagram (@rhodesaaron)

These hotties rose to stardom when they came out together to their father in a video that went viral. They have only risen in their lives ever since.

#5 Ayaan and Idyl

Image Source: Instagram (@mataano)

These sisters are Brooklyn-based fashion designers and escaped Somalia's civil war when they were 9. They have made quite a name for themselves, haven't they?

#6 Dustin and Trevor

Image Source: Instagram (@the_jeppson_twins)

The SoCal adventure dudes that bodyboard, cook and are baking their way through life. They are chefs and hunks, don't think they need to be anything else.

#7 Ashley and Kat

Image Source: Instagram (@thehesstwins)

These Boston-based twins specialize in styling, direction, photography, modeling, and writing. Is there anything they cannot do?

#8 Marcos and Marcio

Image Source: Instagram (@marcos_patriota)

The brothers are models and based out of Brazil. Globetrotters, they are currently shooting in Milan for the best fashion brands.


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