20+ pictures that every person can relate to

20+ pictures that every person can relate to

There are some unspoken truths in this world. Take for example the fact that chocolate-chip cookies are infinitely better than raisin cookies. Or that you can't go out partying every weekend once you hit your 30s. Or maybe that some people will always, always be passive-aggressive whilst apologizing. These are quite obvious, so you will probably hear someone or the other mention it from time to time. But for those truths that are more uncommon, what better way to express them than through memes?

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Here are 30 truths that will make you go 'Preach, brother!'

#30 Hunger trumps all

#29 That brief moment when you think you're going to shit yourself

#28 Asshole customers are the worst

#27 Phone, you've betrayed me

#26 Instant boner-killer

#25 Older generation of cartoons > This generation of cartoons

#24 Broccoli? What kind of food is that?

#23 "Dammit! where's my food?!"

#22 There's also that video of learning how to speak the giraffe language that's pretty interesting

#21 'Instagram celebrities'

#20 Coffee? What coffee?

#19 The millennial ghosts never get any respect

#18 Target's marketing game is on point

#17 The face of regret

#16 Guy Fieri's face makes everything worse

#15 The smart people know that shower-time is the most productive time

#14 Admit it, we've all done this at least once

#13 Salsa and chips = heaven

#12 Older siblings can be asses

#11 Dentists have the WORST jobs, don't they?

#10 Drinking in your 30s can be a nightmare

#9 That heart-in-mouth moment

#8 Dogs are love. Dogs are life.

#7 That moment when you think the waiter is bringing food to your table, but he goes to another table at the last second

#6 Yeah! Fuck running!

#5 Sleep washes all those troubles away

#4 We all want to be as comfortable as this orangutan

#3 'Bye, bye (:'

#2 Stop. Just stop.

#1 We're not sure, but we think we have a drinking problem.

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