20+ illustrations that prove pictures speak a thousand words

These simplistic illustrations brilliantly capture some of the biggest issues currently plaguing society.

Ever found yourself in a situation where you want to express yourself but can't find the words to do so? Where the thing you want to say is right at the tip of your tongue but it just won't roll out? It's a frustration that you can't explain and it likely annoys you to no end. Wouldn't it be great if you could somehow convey your message by telepathically transmitting pictures to the other person? There is a good reason that the idiom 'Every picture speaks a thousand words exists' in the first place.

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Unfortunately for us, technology has not reached a stage where such a situation is realistically possible. However, it is at a stage where it's taken over our lives to an extent we can't live without it. These 20+ pictures capture situations that we would not be able to put into words and brilliantly illustrated some of the problems that currently plague society.
















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