12 health benefits of watching horror movies!

12 health benefits of watching horror movies!

Check out these health benefits you get when you watch horror movies!

Horror movies are not everyone's choice, but this might just make you change the way you look at horror movies. Horror movies seem to have a lot of benefits and you may do well to watch a few. These are 12 health benefits of watching horror movies: 

#12 Reducing weight

Source: Livestrong.com

When you watch a horror movie and the thrill is on, your heartbeat automatically increases. As a result, the process and activity of pumping blood to the rest of the body increases as well. Since our adrenaline automatically increases, our appetite or hunger tends to decrease. This condition makes our body burn more calories and so the body loses weight.

#11 Healing phobia

Source: Fylde Hypnotherapy

The best way to deal with your fear is to directly confront it. Horror movies have proven to be able to heal fear or certain kinds of phobia. The more you are made to deal with the fear, the faster you will be able to overcome it. Therapists often use horror movies to help people to face their fears and phobias.

#10 Making us healthier

Source: Quotacy

Watching horror movies can actually help in making us healthier. When you watch a horror movie, your heart activity will definitely increase due to the adrenaline and we tend to be as active as if we were running. As a result of this, our blood flows smoothly and well. This in turn, makes us healthier in general. 

#9 Good for our DNA

Source: Topics | DNA | Forensic Magazine

When witnessing a horror movie, it can sometimes stimulate and trigger our DNA because we have to face situations that would frighten us though we would rarely face this fear in reality. For some people watching a horror movie can even increase their level of confidence. It is possible that even their emotions in some areas of life become more clear.

#8 Reducing stress

Source: The Senior Mobility Network

One could argue that at some points watching horror movies can actually make us stress more but that is not always necessarily true. Quite contrary to the popular belief, it actually may help us in reducing the stress level because of the problems in our real life. Adrenaline pumping is good for resisting stress and acts as a counter to stress. Pumped adrenaline will activate our adrenal gland which helps us in avoiding anxiety and depression. 

#7 Increasing our immune system

Source: The Senior Mobility Network

If you sit through a horror movie for an hour and a half, your body system will automatically calm and control our immune system to make it stronger. This is the point when our immunity system will be stronger than usual. Based on the research, our brain work will increase because it releases things like dopamine, glutamate, and serotonin. This makes your brain super alert and in turn, increases the strength of your immune system. 

#6 Burning calories

Source: 1mhowto.com

Professionals from Westminster University conducted a study which found that 90 minutes of adrenaline being pumped into your body can burn up to 113 calories. Horror movies can make our pulse beat faster and our pumped blood burn the calories. It is equivalent to one hour of walking. The calories released during the horror movie is the same calories found in a bar of chocolate.

#5 Sharing emotion

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Watching horror movies is very good to release any pent-up emotion. It is especially good for couples since they are able to share their fear. Notice how people tend to hug each other when they are watching a scary scene. Hugging helps in releasing any emotions that are a burden to us otherwise.

#4 Making us ready to face the reality

Source: 1mhowto.com

In some ways, horror movies can help us to prepare ourselves mentally and physically to face any sudden issue or situation in reality. We can actually apply these reflexes in our real life. One will become more aware of our surroundings and it will become easier to anticipate dangerous things in our life. Horror movies can actually help in being able to defend ourselves.

#3 Good for our brain 

Source: ScienceDaily

There is a significant positive benefit for our brain. Our erratic emotions while watching horror movies can help release good substances in our brains, such as dopamine, serotonin, and glutamate. These substances create adrenaline that acts like an injection for our body. It is an injection that helps in reducing stress and restlessness. 

#2 Adrenaline rush

Source: deadline.com

When we get stressed, we occasionally need to pump up our adrenaline. Medical experts believe that watching horror movies can help pump up the adrenaline in our body. The enthusiasm and uncertainty will activate our adrenal gland to help pump adrenaline. As a result, the energy will come out and release substances that will bring about a good mood. 

#1 Giving the calming effect

Source: HUSH Communications

In several ways, horror movies give an extremely calming effect. Despite the uncertainty and the plot, watching a horror movie works as a distraction to forget our problems and recklessness in our actual life.

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