11 strict rules that apply to princesses that most of us wouldn't be able to follow!

While growing up most girls dream of being a princess or a queen. However, as you grow up, you start understanding that being a princess comes with a lot of rules and responsibilities that make the job a whole lot harder than you think. The British Royal Family has a lot of rules that each royal must follow in order to uphold the pride and honor of the family and mistakes are NOT tolerated. 

These are 11 of the strangest and strictest rules that apply to princesses: 

#11 You MUST live by the Queen's household rules 

In the British Royal Family, the Queen makes all the household rules and obviously, everybody is expected to follow those rules. For example, if the Queen finishes eating her meal then everyone has to finish eating their meal. You cannot eat after the Queen is done eating. 

Source: Toronto Star

#10 You're not allowed to have any nicknames

Before you take the crown, you have to shed any nicknames that you may have previously had. Of course, you will not find the Royal family calling each other by nicknames...or so we're told. 

Source: katemiddletonphotos, Instagram

#9 Princesses are NOT allowed to vote

Technically and legally princesses can vote, but it would be unconstitutional. We guess it does not really make sense for a princess to go and vote anyway. 

Source: Outlook AUB

#8 A princess may not run for political office

This would be considered unconstitutional. Besides, where the hell would they find the time? It doesn't make sense for a princess to run for a political post with all the responsibilities and duties she already may have. 

Source: katemiddletonphotos, Instagram