10 strange ways in which people are using sex robots (and in case you're wondering, that's a robot!)

Sex robots are no longer a thing of the future. They are here, they are now and they are changing the way we look at one of the most important aspects of human interaction, sex.

What began as a device which could be used by people to satisfy their physical need has grown to find numerous uses which may not have been imagined by the creators when they thought of devising robots which could provide physical gratification.

Doug Hines (R), owner and designer for TrueCompanion, has help carrying Roxxxy, a prototype of what Hines said is the world's first female sex robot complete with artificial intelligence and equipped to carry a conversation. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Here, we have 10 of the weirdest uses these sex robots have been put to and may be used as in the coming few years.

#10 Sex Education

Sex robots can be used for sex-ed in schools.

Yes! If you think that an object like a sex robot is the last thing your child should be exposed to, then you are in for a rude surprise. A study by Tufts University revealed that more and more people are open to the use of sex robots for sex education. The argument is simply that if they are learning about it, why not use a robot for a better explanation. Weirdly, it does make sense to some extent. 

#9 Company

Sex robots are giving company to lonely people

People who find themselves alone, seeking company but have not been able to do so for one reason or the other are buying sex robots for precisely this reason.

They miss the comfort of contact, they miss someone's presence by their side and it affects them at an emotional level. A sex robot, with human-like features and feel, are selling like hot cakes to satisfy the need of company. Some creators are also creating robots to give people the entire 'girlfriend' experience.

#8 Talking

With the rapid strides we have made in the field of Artificial Intelligence, these sex robots have evolved to have actual conversations with you. They have been programmed in such a way that they can understand your questions and choose from a range of replies.

Going further, they would be able to formulate their own responses and even take into account the context of the conversation, which in itself would be quite a leap forward.

#7 Grieving a Loss

Stories have emerged of sex robots that have been asked by customers to be programmed in such a way that they mimic the voice of a loved one. They are helping people who have lost their spouses to grieve at their own pace and give them support in the voice that they miss the most.

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#6 Virtual Fantasies

Image Source: RT

People are adding sex robots to their virtual reality devices to gain an experience which is even more life-like than they could have imagined. They put on their VR devices to create a visual scene in front of them while they use the robots for the physical stimulation. Human imagination at its best or worst? You decide.

#5 To Stimulate Fetishes

Sex robots were expected to satisfy certain fantasies, as there may be fetishes which a partner may not agree to. There may be sexual acts which only one partner may prefer while the other may abhor. Given such a scenario, sex robots are playing the part of creating those sexual experiences which a person may not have with their real partner.

#4 Emotional Support


Sex robots are becoming more than just an object of gratification. As we mentioned earlier, they are being used for company, talking and even for grieving and hence it was a matter of time before they would be used to cater to an entire range of emotional support they could offer their masters. Pepper, for example, is a sex robot which can get sad when you are sad and happy when you are happy. What would they think of next?