10 horrifying, infamous family murders that will make you question humanity

These 10 children murdered their families in cold blood and most of them felt no remorse or guilt for their deeds.

Whether it is in real life or in reel life, crime stories always garner a lot of attention, even if it is negative. While stories of murder that kill total strnagers and are committed by a lone psycopath are soon forgotten, no matter how gruesome they are, the stories which grab maximum attention and intrigue are the ones where loved ones kill their own people, with or without a motive!

Take for example, the Amityville Horror house story, where a 23-year-old killed his own parents and four younger siblings.

Such heinous crimes are lease expected (of course) by family members and family annihilators are the most notorious of the lot, resulting in real tragedies. After reading the following stories, you'll have to agree that the most painful betrayals comes from families. 

These 10 children murdered their family members in cold blood and most of them felt no remorse or guilt whatsoever.

#10 Kills parents at night and goes on a killing rampage in school cafeteria the next day (Thurston High School Shooting)

Source: Murderpedia

15-year-old Kipland 'Kip' Kinkel was tagged as someone who was "Most Likely to start WW3" in his middle school yearbook. So it comes as no surprise that he turned out to be a psychotic killer after he was expelled from school for possessing a loaded, stolen handgun.  

Source: The Register Guard

Kip's obsession with guns and violence led his father to think that buying him a gun would re-channel his unhealthy fixation into a passive hobby. He could not have been more wrong. On May 20, 1998, Kip used a .22-caliber semi-automatic rifle and killed his parents in cold blood. 

The next morning, he made his way back to school with two hunting knives, his rifle, a 9x19mm Glock 19 pistol, and a .22-caliber Ruger MK II pistol with 1,127 rounds of ammunition. He fired 51 rounds in the cafeteria, killing two, and injuring 23 others. Kinkel is currently serving a 111-year sentence without the possibility of parole.

#9 They pushed her to be perfect without realizing they pushed her to be a murderer (Killer Daughter Case)

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A sensitive and smart teenager, Esmie Tseng was under a lot of pressure from her parents to constantly perform well. Her success-driven Chinese parents were too much for her to handle and she often felt suffocated with their expectations.

In various blog postings, Esmie revealed how she was grounded for scoring 'just' a 96% on an exam.

She was told she would be moved to another school district to punish her because once, she got three B's on her report card. One day, when things got too much for her, she grabbed a knife and stabbed her mother to death. 

#8 Stabbed and dumped his mother in a ditch, threw brother off a bridge 

Source: Grupo SIPSE

An argument between a 25-year-old and his mother about whether Roberto Martinez-Marinero put his girlfriend and kids above the rest of the family led to Roberto beating his mother with a baseball bat, and then repeatedly stabbing her. He then dumped his half-alive mother in a ditch to die and went on a psychotic rampage.

Source: omaha.com

He then threw his 5-year-old half brother off a bridge above the Elkhorn River and tossed his 11-month-old half brother into a dumpster. He has been sentenced to life in prison and narrowly avoided the death sentence.

It is believed that his girlfriend Gabriela Guevara was an accomplice as she helped him move his mother's body and kill one of the brothers. 

#7 Argument over bad grades leads to fatal blow 

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In one of the most brutal murders, all it took for Tyler Blansit to kill his mother was an argument about his bad grades at the University of Alabama. The argument escalated quickly and he struck his mother hard on her head, fatally injuring her. He was arrested on May 29, 2015, the same day his mother's body was found. The jury indicted him in February this year, and sentenced himto 25 years in prison. 

#6 Killer brothers blame dad and kill him for wealth (The Menendez Murders)

Source: Orange County Register

The Menendez brothers Lyle and Erik shot to infamy after they were convicted in a high-profile criminal trial in 1994 for killing their parents in 1989.

Joseph Lyle Menendez and his brother Erik had a comfortable life and lived in a mansion in Beverly Hills with their parents. The brother had all the comforts of the world, but were greedy for their parents' wealth.