Politician's dwarf pedophile son could be let off prison amid fears he will be targeted by inmates

Queensland MP Shane Knuth's son Daniel James Knuth may be able to avoid prison as he could be targeted by other inmates because of his size

                            Politician's dwarf pedophile son could be let off prison amid fears he will be targeted by inmates

A pedophile with dwarfism may be able to avoid going to jail as he may be targeted by other inmates given his size. The son of Queensland MP Shane Knuth, Daniel James Knuth had pleaded to 35 counts of child sex offenses in December. 

The 21-year-old Daniel had admitted to using a fake Facebook account to trick young girls into sending him nudes of themselves as he claimed that no one would talk to him on his actual profile. Daniel had pretended he was a personal trainer and also engaged in sexually explicit conversations with around 27 child victims between October 2016 and September 2017, as reported by Townsville Bulletin


Post his initial sentencing which took place in December, Knuth's defense lawyer claimed that prison would be "very difficult" for him to serve out his time and revealed that he had undergone around 17 surgeries in order to help fix some of his bone deformities. Judge Greg Lynham shared that he had not witnessed such type of criminal behavior with such a high number of victims and had intended to send Daniel to jail. 

However, the judge was told to halt sentencing him while the court assessed a full understanding of the vulnerability and discrimination that people with dwarfism face in jail.

When the matter was discussed again on Wednesday in court, Judge Lynham ordered the Director of Public Prosecutions to contact the manager of the Townsville Correctional Centre to assess and also determine what Knuth's sentencing could be. 


Judge Lynham shared with the court, "They can accommodate (some) sorts of conditions quite well. but we have unique features here that I’m not sure whether the Townsville Correctional Centre has been confronted with before. In fairness to them, they need to have an opportunity to consider how they might accommodate." Knuth is going to be sentenced in May later this year.


In December last year, Daniel took to his Facebook to share, "I’m willing to pay whatever the consequences are for my actions. I’m not asking anyone to forgive me. I admit It was wrong. I apologize to anyone who I have hurt past and present. In the last few months I have changed my life around attending church services, also getting baptized and a whole year of counseling, God has forgiven me and that’s all that matters. Only God can Judge me. It’s the life after death that matters. If I die someday don’t remember me for my past and for my sins. Remember me as a changed man, willing and faithful servant for the Lord Jesus Christ."