Queens man who stabbed his bartender wife to death 'was jealous of her crush on an actor', say friends

Dineshwar Budhidat had married Donne Dojoy in July 2019 but attacked her in their Queens apartment in August, prompting Dojoy to move out in October. He killed Dojoy on November 8, 2019, when she dropped by for a visit.

                            Queens man who stabbed his bartender wife to death 'was jealous of her crush on an actor', say friends
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Dineshwar Budhidat, 33, a resident of Queens, New York, stabbed his wife, Donne Dojoy, 27, to death on November 8, 2019, in his home. The just-married man was jealous of the crush she had on Bollywood actor, Hrithik Roshan, according to the woman's friends.

After murdering Dojoy, Budhidat went to a field in Howard Beach, New York, and proceeded to hang himself from a tree. The couple had celebrated their wedding in July this year but were having problems because of the groom's abusive, violent and possessive behavior, according to Dojoy's friends. 

An abusive Queens man stabbed his wife to death in New York City all because she had a crush on Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

In the time between the murder of his wife and his suicide, Budhidat texted Dojoy's sister to tell her that he had killed Dojoy and helpfully added that the key to the apartment was under a flower pot, according to police sources who spoke to the 'New York Post'. 

The murder-suicide deaths occurred two days after Budhidat had pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct in court on November 6 for a pending case against him for attacking his wife in August. At the time of her death, she had an order of protection out against him because of his violent behavior and had also moved out of their shared home in October. 

Gemini's Ultra Lounge karaoke singer Mala Ramdhani, 52, told the newspaper that Dojoy - a bartender at the lounge - had told her that at home whenever she watched a movie starring Roshan or listening to him singing, Budhidat 'would ask her to take it off because he would get so jealous'. 

On November 8, Dojoy, however, had agreed to stop by their old Ozone Park apartment on Albert Road. She had wanted to watch a movie with Budhidat before her evening bartender shift. But events took a gruesome turn. Close friends are still not sure as to what triggered  Budhidat to take Dojoy's life and his own.

Dojoy’s sister, Fannita Barakat, who flew in from Texas after hearing the news, told the New York Daily News that: “He promised her he’d change. I guess she wanted to give him another chance. I guess in the end, he was heartless for her.”

Budhidat was due to be sentenced in January for the pending case against him. 

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