Queen Elizabeth II places royal ban on plastic and it's all thanks to Sir David Attenborough

In an effort and desire to tackle the raging issue of plastic, inspired by Sir David Attenborough, Queen Elizabeth II pulls the last straw and bans plastic - bottles and straws included from all Royal estates!

                            Queen Elizabeth II places royal ban on plastic and it's all thanks to Sir David Attenborough

The Queen goes green as she cracks down hard on plastic!

After having worked with Sir David Attenborough on a conservation documentary regarding wildlife in the Commonwealth, Queen Elizabeth II has developed a personal interest in safeguarding the ecology of the planet and has expressed a strong desire to wipe plastics off the face of this planet.

The Queen has waged war on plastic and it's all thanks to Sir David Attenborough. (Source: Getty)

The pair, who are both 91, were filmed together having a good time, laughing and talking during their program about plans to create a network of forests across 52 countries of the Commonwealth.

She has adopted environmental friendly strategies throughout the Royal estates and is behind Buckingham Palace's new waste-reduction plans.

According to The Telegraph, the Queen declared a war on plastic, banning all straws and bottles.

A spokesperson for the Palace spoke of a "strong desire to tackle the issue" of plastic at the highest levels of the Royal Household.

She is behind the waste plans as outlined by the Buckingham Palace. (Source: Getty)

Sir David Attenborough, the father of modern nature documentary, best known for his compelling tales about the beauty and dangers of our planet, recently produced a series called Blue Planet II. Broadcast on the BBC last year, this 7-part documentary not only explored the beautiful species in waters, but also showed the disastrous impact our waste was having on the oceans. 

Sir David Attenborough revealed the disastrous effects of plastic on the oceans. (Source: Getty)

The show hit us all in the gut, and took a serious look at reducing the effect of plastic on the environment.

Queen Elizabeth, who has long since expressed admiration for Attenborough, has been inspired to go ahead and promote an eco-friendly strategy. 



The show spoke of mysterious animals from within the waters and the terrible degradation of an entire marine kingdom. (Source: YouTube)

The Telegraph reports that the new measures include a complete ban on plastic in the staff canteens and meeting rooms and gradual phasing out of plastic straws from public cafes.

Internal caterers at the Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, and the Palace of Holyroodhouse are only allowed to use china plates, glasses, and recyclable paper cups.

Packaging of takeaways in Royal Collection cafes must now be made of compostable or biodegradable materials. 

“Across the organization, the Royal Household is committed to reducing its environmental impact,” said a spokesman for Buckingham Palace.

“As part of that, we have taken a number of practical steps to cut back on the use of plastics. At all levels, there's a strong desire to tackle this issue.”

The two are of the same age and experience similar concerns over environmental safety. (Source: Getty)

Other than banning straws and bottles from the Buckingham Palace, the Queen is also promoting a healthier, greener environment in and around the royal household.

In order to raise awareness about the green initiative, Buckingham Palace employees are sent a "green newsletter" reminding them to do their bit and save the planet.

As part of the £369 million refurbishment program of Buckingham Palace, solar panels are currently being installed on the roofs and electricity systems being upgraded into being more energy-efficient. 

The objective is to achieve efficiency by 40 percent. Anaerobic digestion unit to generate biogas from good and organic waste is also being installed. Companies applying for Royal Warrants will also be screened to make sure they are not polluting the planet.

The Royals have a history in environmental activism. Prince Charles has also expressed his views on environmental issues and has often been seen talking about plastic and its effect on the oceans.

He has always urged the world to take the issue seriously and feels world leaders should act instantly on protecting the environment.

Prince Charles has also been a regular advocate of environmentalism. (Source: Getty)

Speaking about the disaster that is now the Great Barrier Reef, he said: "The fact that significant portions of the Great Barrier Reef on Australia's eastern coast have been severely degraded or lost over the last few years is both a tragedy and also, I would have thought, a very serious wakeup call."

Globally each year, about 300 million tons of plastic get generated and 10 percent of that end up in  oceans. It has been predicted that in 2050, plastic will outweigh the fish in the sea.

While plastics not only cause problems for marine life who cannot digest it, they also contain chemicals that contaminate the water. This concern was elaborated by Attenborough in his series Blue Planet II.





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