Quawan Charles death: New audio implicates last woman seen with Louisiana boy before he was found dead in a field

The 15-year-old boy's body was found on November 3 near the village of Loreauville four days after his father reported him missing on October 30

                            Quawan Charles death: New audio implicates last woman seen with Louisiana boy before he was found dead in a field
Quawan Charles (change.org)

BALDWIN, LOUISIANA: Attorneys for the family of Quawan Charles, 15, say that a new audio implicates Janet Irvin who was allegedly the last person to see Charles alive in the teenager's death. Quawan disappeared on October 30,2020, with his body being found a few days later on November 3 in a sugar cane field, around 30 minutes from his house. His family's lawyers say the new audio, which was obtained by CBS 'This Morning', features Irvin admitting to a private investigator that she did not call the police right after she realized that Charles had run away from her home. 

In the recording, Irvin can be heard saying, "Yes, I should have called the cops. I should have went further." Irvin and her son, 17, were allegedly two of the last people to see Charles, 15, alive. His family's attorneys are now demanding that she be arrested. 

"I get off of work at like noon, Friday. So, we go out to Baldwin. We pick him up," Irvin said in the recording. According to the surveillance video, Irvin is seen picking up Charles from outside his father's house in Baldwin, Louisiana, on October 30, which is the same day that his parents reported him missing. 

In the audio recording, Irvin's son told a private investigator that he and Charles had done drugs at Irvin's home. "Did he smoke something, or did he, I mean…?" the investigator asked Irvin's son to which he responded saying, "Yeah, he smoked some weed. That was it."

According to Charles' family's attorneys, Ronald Haley and Chase Trichell, there is enough evidence to have Irvin arrested on a "slew of charges". It was their private investigator who had recorded the conversation with Irvin and her son. Haley shared that Irvin had committed a crime by not calling the police until days after Charles disappeared. 

"She knew something was wrong and did nothing. It speaks volumes as to what her involvement was in this case," Haley said. The coroner's office believes that Charles had likely drowned though the attorneys disagree as the water in the sugarcane field where he was found was very shallow. They believe that if drugs were in Quawan's system, it contributed to his death. Trichell said, "We think the toxicology report is going to vindicate what we're saying today. Janet Irvin could be charged with delinquency to minors, serving minors drugs."

We had earlier reported that Iberia Parish Sheriff Tommy Romero said his office is “working hard to ensure no stone is left unturned” in determining what led to the death of the Black teen, whose disappearance had sparked speculation on racial crime, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

“We want to remind the public that this is an active, ongoing homicide investigation. We urge anyone who has any additional information which might aid our investigation to come forward and contact the Iberia Parish Sheriff´s Office at 337-369-3711,” Romero said.
The boy’s body was found on the evening of November 3 about 20 miles away in the woods near the Iberia Parish town of Loreauville. When authorities went to his father's – Kenneth Jacko — home, they suggested to him that he may have gone to the football game. However, the teenager’s parents later found out that he had been picked up from his home by Janet Irvin and her 17-year-old son Gavin, who are White. Quawan's parents say they do not know the Irvins and were not aware of how their son knew them. They never gave him permission to go with them.

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