Prince Harry and William were big fans of Spice Girls when they were teenagers

It's going to be a sweet reunion for Princes William and Harry when they see Spice Girls again at Harry and Meghan's wedding in May this year.

                            Prince Harry and William were big fans of Spice Girls when they were teenagers

Back in the 90s, Spice Girls defined girl power. They were spunky and irreverent. They couldn't care less if they wore the Union Jack as a sexy strapless mini dress. The Spice Girls were, by every sense of the word, cool. And every teenage boy looked up to them, including Princes William and Harry.

Prince William and Harry had a crush on members of Spice Girls. Source: Facebook

The British royals, who were prepubescent boys around the ages of 14 and 13, harbored a huge crush on the pop group when the Spice Girls were at the height of their fame. William reportedly tore down a Pamela Anderson poster and replaced it with Emma Bunton's picture. Baby Spice was his favorite and she was aware of it.

Spice Girls at the MTV VMAs in 1997. Source: Facebook

When she and her bandmates met Prince Charles in Manchester after performing at the Prince's Trust in May 1997, Baby Spice enquired after the country's most handsome lad. And Charles had this to say: "Don't be a cradle snatcher." It seems like William's crush on the Spice Girls never really went away. 

It came alive once again when the royals had the Spice Girls over for tea at Highgrove in 2007. William, then 24, hastily spread peanut butter onto a few slices of toast when he saw his icons' displeasure at the cucumber sandwiches that were being served. Mel C said on The Graham Norton Show"Some of us didn't like cucumber sandwiches and we made this known to our hosts."

Former Spice Girls member Mel B confirmed that the band will perform at Harry and Meghan's wedding. Source: Facebook 

William's fascination of the Spice girls was also shared by his younger brother. Harry was quite smitten by the girl group when he met them with his dad in South Africa in November 1997. According to BBC, Baby Spice (who seems to have a special connection with the royals) planted a kiss on Harry's cheek when he attended a charity concert in Johannesburg. 

prince harry
Prince Harry with Spice Girls in South Africa. Source: Facebook

During the meet-and-greet, the Spice Girls seemed to have doted on a shy Harry. Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice, even held his hand during a photo-op while Baby Spice hung around protectively. Harry was at the center of every teenage boy's dream and he must have known this. The young royal could barely suppress a wide cheeky grin in the pictures that emerged from their meeting.

spice girls
Prince Charles, Harry and Nelson Mandela with Spice Girls in South Africa. Source: Facebook

But it would be unfair to say that it was just William and Harry who admired the Spice Girls. The first in line to the throne, Charles, joked and was a sport when he met Mel C, Geri Halliwell, Victoria, Emma and Mel B at their Princes' Trust gig in Manchester. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Victoria said her bandmate Geri planted a large kiss on Charles' cheek and flirted with him. 

prince charles
Prince Charles with Spice Girls at Cannes film festival. Source: Facebook

Geri also pinched his bottom because this, in her words, was a habit. "I pinch everyone's bottom. Why am I going to stop at the Prince?" she told the magazine. If Charles experienced any discomfort at getting his bottom pinched in public, he didn't show it. However, Ginger Spice told Rolling Stone that he "tensed it quickly." Geri reportedly told Charles, "You know, I think you are very sexy. We could spice up your life," according to Associated Press. Charles walked away, blushing.

prince charles
Prince Charles with Sporty Spice during the band's Prince's Trust gig in 1997. Source: Instagram


Now, we're being told that the Spice Girls will perform at Harry and Meghan's wedding. Mel B confirmed the pop group's performance during her recent appearance on the talk show, The Real. The news came after Geri reportedly wanted a reunion performance at Harry and Meghan's wedding.  

According to several media outlets, Spice Girls were requested to perform as Meghan's reportedly a huge fan of the group but we're sure the girls would argue otherwise. 

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