Does Prince Philip prefer Kate over Meghan? Here's why Duke of Edinburgh is more fond of Duchess of Cambridge

It is believed that Prince Philip is fond of Kate Middleton because she is more old-fashioned than Meghan Markle

                            Does Prince Philip prefer Kate over Meghan? Here's why Duke of Edinburgh is more fond of Duchess of Cambridge
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The comparisons between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are not going to die anytime soon, not in this lifetime, anyway. While Harry and Meghan sent shockwaves when they decided to seperate from the monarchy, William and Kate's lives have usually been largely kept under wraps. Ironically, the outlook towards her has been positive, as compared to Meghan. Kate goes for hundreds of engagements in support of the Queen and Prince Philip every year, while also devoting her time to a number of charitable causes. She and Prince Philip, the Duke Of Edinburgh, have a close relationship.

Royal author Ingrid Seward, who has done intensive research on the royal family, said, "It is known Prince Philip likes her.” Prince Philip espouses an old-school class of the Royal Family, one which still strongly believes in tradition and values its sense of duty above all else. Journalist Juliet Rieden writes: “On a personal level, there is an old-fashioned-ness to Philip. “A man’s man, stiff upper lip, always intact with all the foibles afforded to men in the British aristocracy.”

As Prince Philip believes in the old-fashioned and classic institution of monarchy, it's not so much of a surprise why he and the Duchess of Cambridge get a long, as she also embodies the same values throughout the years.Seward explained: “She’s a little bit more of an old-fashioned girl than Diana or Meghan Markle, which I think he appreciates.”

Seward explained: “She’s gorgeous and never takes a bad photograph."

“And in this visual world that we live in, it’s important to see someone who’s going to be a future Queen as a beauty, which she is. But she also works hard. She has brought a breath of fresh air into the Windsor family," she added. 

The royal family continues to remain a fascination for biographers, as they struggle to unearth shocking details about its members. Recently, royal author Robert Lacey claimed that Meghan Markle made Prince Harry "resentful" of the "unjust" way he was treated in comparison to "party boy" Prince William. According to the author, both Harry and William had a rather wild side in their salad days. Speaking to Vanity Fair, the expert said that Harry felt his partying was far more under scrutiny than his brother's, who was just as much of a "party boy". Lacey added, "He and William both misbehaved but Harry was blamed for everything. He became resentful of the stereotyping in the media." Apparently,  Meghan Markle opened his eyes to the 'injustice' of the situation.

He added, "I think Meghan helped him to see the injustice of that, put it in words and react against it. Her arrival was a crucial moment." In his book, 'Battle of Brothers: William, Harry and the Inside Story of A Family in Tumult'. Robert Lacey, who is also a consultant for Netflix's 'The Crown', asserts that William called the basement at Highgrove House "Club H" and used it to host his parties for his Eton friends.

The brothers' relationship turned sour when Prince Harry received heavy backlash in 2005 for wearing a Nazi costume from Maud's Cotswold Costumes - while William was dressed in an animal costume. Robert Lacey wrote: "For the first time, their relationship really suffered and they barely spoke. Harry resented the fact that William got away so lightly."

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