'My work is done,' Prince Charles to Diana after she gave birth to Prince Harry

Former Royal butler Paul Burrell revealed the story on an episode of the Australian version of I’m A Celebrity.

                             'My work is done,' Prince Charles to Diana after she gave birth to Prince Harry

There are secrets, and then there are royal family secrets. But all hell broke loose when former royal butler Paul Burrell started dishing out private information regarding Prince Charles and Princess Diana during Prince Harry's birth, on a recent episode of the Australian version of I'm A Celebrity.

Burrell reckoned that he kept a shocking secret, which could dent the Prince of Wales’ popularity, for more than 30 years.

On the episode of the Australian edition of I’m A Celebrity in South Africa, the former royal worker spoke about his conversation with Princess Diana the day Harry was born.

diana harry
Princess Diana was heartbroken with Prince Charles' attitude on Prince Harry's birth. (Source: YouTube)


“Let me tell you a secret. She told me on the night that Harry was born, Charles came to visit."

“She said, ‘Are you pleased?’ He said, ‘I’m delighted. I now have an heir and a spare.’

“She said, ‘Well, it’s an odd thing to say. Why are you dressed up?’

“He said, ‘My work is done now. I’m off to the theatre with Camilla.’

“Diana said, ‘I cried myself to sleep – knowing my marriage was over’.”

charles Harry
Prince Harry and Prince Charles, Prince of Wales attend the 'International Year of The Reef' 2018 meeting at Fishmongers Hall on February 14, 2018 in London, England. (Photo by Matt Dunham - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Burrell went on to say that Princess Diana had even predicted her own death in a car crash. He claimed that the Princess said Prince Charles wanted to “kill her”.

However, there have been no comments made on the same by either Prince Charles or his representatives.

As we know from the past, the British Royal family does not take kindly to their private matters being discussed in the public, especially by their working staff.

Recently, the Queen fired her long-time lingerie supplier because she included snippets of conversations from the Royal household in her book. Even in the past, Harrods lost its Royal contract too, because of the differences between the Dodi family and Prince Charles over Diana's death. 

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