'I watched, but I fell asleep': An unimpressed Trump shrugs off Obama's fiery speech at University of Illinois

President Donald Trump suggested in North Dakota that he couldn't take former President Barack Obama's somber jabs seriously

                            'I watched, but I fell asleep': An unimpressed Trump shrugs off Obama's fiery speech at University of Illinois

On Friday, former President Barack Obama delivered a rather fervent speech slamming President Donald Trump and the Republican party for allegedly fueling "division and resentment." However, as reports suggest, Obama's words were akin to a lullaby for President Trump, who says he went to sleep after listening to him.

In traditional Trumpian fashion, the president teased the former leader at a political rally for GOP Senate candidate Kevin Cramer in Fargo, North Dakota, saying, "I'm sorry, I watched, but I fell asleep...I found he's very good for sleeping."

Later in the day, at a rally for gubernatorial candidate Rep. Kristi Noem in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, he further quipped: "President Obama made a speech, now if that doesn't get you out to vote for the midterms, nothing will."

The "battle of the mega-surrogates" heading into the November midterms is set after Trump and Obama have both locked horns to get their candidates elected, Fox News reports. The former president, in his bid to end the Republicans' grip on power in Congress, warned that stakes are high and the consequences of staying on the sidelines "dire" as we proceed toward the much anticipated, highly-decisive election.

Obama is flexing his political muscle as far as possible, referring to Trump by name, something he used to carefully avoid in the past, and delivering some tough broadsides against the GOP as a whole. “It did not start with Donald Trump,” the erstwhile president said. “He is a symptom, not the cause. He’s just capitalizing on resentments that politicians have been fanning for years.”

However, Trump being Trump, obliterated Obama's speech in seconds as he spoke to a spirited crowd in Fargo. He mocked the leftist claim that the current administration was simply bearing fruits of the hard work put in by Obama and his team.

"I think he was trying to take credit for this incredible thing happening to our country," he said. "I have to say to President Obama, it wasn't him, and if the Democrats got in with their agenda...instead of having 4.2 [percent GDP growth] up, you have 4.2 down, you'd be in negative numbers."

According to him, Obama had supervised the "weakest recovery in the history of our country."

Referring to the economy under his watch, Trump upheld his achievements, saying "this is called not a recovery, but a rocket ship." He warned his base of voters that if Democrats win the Senate, they "would destroy Medicare and destroy Social Security," two things he has tried hard to protect.

"Isn't this more exciting than listening to President Obama?" he later joked with his supporters.

As both presidents rally for their respective parties, the intensity of the back-and-forth between the two heavyweights is likely to increase, making for an exciting election season in the coming months.