#TrumpHidTheTruth trends as Really American's video blames POTUS for Covid-19 death toll: 'Vote psychopath out'

The organization is also urging the Internet to join them in fighting to 'End the Nightmare' of Trump's presidency as well as the ring-wing rule in America

                            #TrumpHidTheTruth trends as Really American's video blames POTUS for Covid-19 death toll: 'Vote psychopath out'
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#TrumpHidTheTruth has been making waves across social media since Really American released a video on how POTUS Donald Trump downplayed the coronavirus costing many lives. 

The organization is dedicated and aims to defend the truth, democracy, social justice, and environment, as per their website. They are also urging people to join them in fighting to 'End the Nightmare' of the Trump presidency as well as ring wing rule in the country. 

Trump's handling of coronavirus has been widely criticized with the president being accused of hiding the real truth and facts and figures of the coronavirus. Really American had taken to Twitter to share a video showing Trump talking about the coronavirus and saying, "Our countries are now experiencing tremendous death and economic devastation because those tasked with protecting us by being truthful and transparent failed to do so." Really American had written on the tweet, "Trump knew about this. He should've told us about this. We could've saved a lot of lives. #TrumpHidTheTruth Videos are being censored by right-wing trolls again, we need 10,000 retweets on this in the first 3 hours."


The video also featured a recording of Trump downplaying the coronavirus. A news channel featured in the video shows an anchor talking about how government officials deliberately played the virus down during the early stages when the spread of it could have been prevented. 

Many social media users have commented on the video shared in outrage and disgust, slamming POTUS Trump. One such user had written, "He criticized China for holding back information on Covid but he then admits he done the same. To make things worse he is not holding rallies which will spread it further, it beggars belief. Please vote the psychopath out."


Another outraged social media user took to Twitter to comment and say, "He needs to be held accountable for the needless loss of American lives, he needs to be removed from the Oval Office and prosecute for manslaughter he deliberately caused their deaths." "Every time Trump blamed China for downplaying the threat of Coronavirus, he was downplaying it at the very same time. This is a perfect record of his psychological projection. We know that he was downplaying it, because he's been recorded saying so. #TrumpHidTheTruth," commented another user. 



A Twitter user who echoed the same sentiments also took to the comments section to write, "200,000 Americans have died, tens of millions are facing homelessness, starvation, poverty and are jobless all because #TrumpHidTheTruth deliberately, maliciously, callously." Another user added, "#TrumpHidTheTruth is trending. I am not sure he is even able to distinguish between truth and lies. All the matters to him is what he says at that moment." The video ends saying, "He knew about this. He should have told us. We could have saved a lot of lives. #TrumpHidTheTruth. End The Nightmare." 



As per data from the John Hopkins University, there have been around 6,554,820 confirmed cases of coronavirus across the United States so far. There have also been around 194,536 deaths in total across the states. Globally there have been around 29,279,316 confirmed cases of the coronavirus so far with around 928,403 deaths worldwide. 

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