Pregnant woman and her 7-month-old baby killed in accident just hours after boyfriend proposes

The unlucky husband-to-be and the lady who rammed into their car are fine but will have to live with the terrible incident forever

                            Pregnant woman and her 7-month-old baby killed in accident just hours after boyfriend proposes

On Christmas Eve, just hours after she was proposed to by her boyfriend, a young mother from Louisiana and her infant son were killed by a suspected drunk driver.

Baby Ryan was soon going to be an older brother (Facebook)

According to The Advocate, 19-year-old Shelly Mulkey was on her way back home with her husband-to-be, Ryan, and her 7-month-old son, also named Ryan, after going for a party on Christmas Eve.

Shelly was expecting her second child when she died (Facebook)

Ryan, her fiancé, proposed to her just moments before she told him that she was pregnant with their second child at that time. 

Babt Ryan was only 7-months-old when he died (Facebook)

Jillian Ramsey, the woman who rammed into the car that Shelly and the Ryans were in, was drunk and fleeing a crash that she had previously been in according to the Louisiana State Police.

Shelly and adult Ryan (Facebook)

Both cars burst into flames because the crash ruined the 2005 Dodge Stratus gas tank which belonged to the family.

Witnesses rushed to their aid and managed to pull Shelly and adult Ryan out but baby Ryan was still inside the car.

Jillian Ramsay was reportedly drunk when she rammed into the family car (Facebook)

They started performing CPR on the couple. Tragically, Shelly and baby Ryan were pronounced dead on the scene and adult Ryan was taken to the hospital to be treated for his burns.

The culprit, Jillian Ramsay, was thrown into Tangipahoa Parish Jail on two counts of vehicular homicide, hit and run, and careless operation.

Shelly loved her baby (Facebook)

According to various reports, police have said that Ramsay was also driving impaired. 

Adult Ryan said of his fiancée, "She was an awesome mama and an awesome friend. I just want to hold them both in my arms again so bad."

Ryan's Chrismas present for Shelly had been the proposal.

"I got a ring out and asked her to marry me. I got on one knee," he said told The Daily Mail.

Shelly had just learned over the weekend that she was pregnant with their second child and had told Ryan just after he proposed.

Almost like she saw a premonition of her death, her Facebook bio reads "'live life to the fullest, tomorrow is never promised."

Shelly's Facebook bio (Facebook)

Shelly's father Billy wants Ramsay prosecuted to the fullest extent but still feels sorry for her in a way.

"That's three lives she took from me," he said. "That woman is going to have to live with that the rest of her life." 

This is just the saddest story ever. Our condolences lie with the family of Shelly and baby Ryan.

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