Pornhub awards 2019: How adult entertainment giants are taking porn mainstream

With names like Kanye West, Bad Bunny, Bella Thorne, and Rico Nasty, its pretty obvious that Pornhub is making a move at going totally mainstream - but is it successful?

                            Pornhub awards 2019: How adult entertainment giants are taking porn mainstream
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When one thinks of adult entertainment awards, one doesn't think of a fashion show or Kanye West for that matter. But adult entertainment behemoth Pornhub did not really want to be one of the porn awards you can probably just think up.

In 2018, in its debut award ceremony at the Belasco Theater in downtown Los Angeles, one thing was clear — this one wasn't going in the direction that traditional award shows do.

Of course, it's still about porn stars and categories like 'Zam Daddy' and 'Tantalizing Twinkie' but has Pornhub been able to incorporate adult entertainment awards into something more mainstream?  

This year, they roped in a number of acts that the cool kids like/ like Ty Dolla $ign and Bad Bunny as well as Kali Uchis, Rico Nasty, Tommy Genesis, and Ian Isiah to perform at the awards.

They've got Willo Perron on the art director's chair and like last year, legendary adult star Asa Akira will be hosting the event. There's Disney star Bella Thorne picking up the Vision Award for her adult movie directorial debut, 'Her & Him' which was produced by Pornhub.

Many believe that the film of this nature, where porn and Hollywood intersect, could shape the future of collaborations between the two. 


Unlike other industry awards, it is a lot smaller, says Most Popular Trans Performer nominee and former winner in the category Aubrey Kate Winter, speaking to MEA WorldWide (MEAWW).

It's more compact and there's no convention, it's a little different, she says. "It’s more industry people. Last year was the first year so it was a little late and nobody knew what to expect," she says. 

Sarina Valentina, who is competing with Winter for the same category adds that the voting process is also something that really stands out for this particular award show. "I think it's really great that they're voted on by the actual fans and visitors, that alone makes it profoundly different from awards in the past", she says. 

As far as inclusivity is concerned, it's trying as hard as it can to be as woke as possible. This year, the award statues have been designed by Brit artist Peter Saville, who has created them in the form of bright orange trophies based on the shape of sex hormones.

It's something that definitely celebrates the sexual spectrum without being sickeningly cliche. 

Corey Price, VP of Pornhub, said in a statement to MEAWW, "We believe this awards show is a great way to highlight the diverse and talented performers who are nominated, as well as musical guests," adding, "We’re looking forward to having everyone together and celebrate the culture of the adult entertainment industry."  


Last year, expectations ran high but technical glitches coupled with some moments of complete confusion (Presenter Cherie Deville had to ask "Anyone with a penis please accept this award" when Johnny Sins, voted the most popular male porn star by women, was nowhere to be seen) sort of showered on the parade.

But that hasn't dampened the spirits of those attending at all. "I expect a wild experience and some gorgeous dresses!" says model and adult actor Korina Kova, who has two nominations this year in the categories of 'Top Big Tits Performer’ and 'Top Female Solo Performer.' 

Those nominated feels like it focuses on talent and one more award show in the industry with an incredible amount of fan following is always a welcome change. "They have the audience, and they obviously have some amazing talent performing, so it will raise the exposure for the people in our industry", says Kova.

Valentina agrees, saying that they have certainly made greater progress than previous award shows. "Pornhub has been amazing for helping to normalize something that everyone enjoys," she says. 

But, there's still room for improvement. First things first, they need to focus on the actual show, says Winter. "I feel like Kanye West was there for his Yeezy campaign but was super late. He never really posted anything", says Winter, adding, "Everyone keeps just hush-hush about the adult industry."

Although pretty inclusive, it can be more than a namesake category, notes Valentina. More categories are definitely something popular among the talent.

"Maybe include us more? It’s always a big deal to label us as trans. But there is normally one award they announce for us," she says adding, "It would be cool to have more variety and to make all girls feel included."

The Pornhub Awards 2019 will take place on October 11, 2019, at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles.

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