Mother and boyfriend raped 4-year-old daughter after tying her up and then beat her to death

25-year-old Viviana Beatriz Roldan and 23-year-old Federico Sebastian Espinoza have been charged with murder over the death of four-year-old Bianca Xiomara Godoy

                            Mother and boyfriend raped 4-year-old daughter after tying her up and then beat her to death

A woman and her boyfriend have been arrested over the rape and murder of the former's four-year-old daughter. Twenty five-year-old Viviana Beatriz Roldan and 23-year-old Federico Sebastian Espinoza had claimed that the girl, Bianca Xiomara Godoy, had drowned in a swimming pool, but a medical examination would quickly proved that the toddler was murdered after being sexually assaulted.

According to The Sun, Roldan and Espinoza rushed Bianca to a hospital near Bueno Aires on the night of March 1, claiming they found the four-year-old unresponsive in their swimming pool. Despite the best efforts of doctors and medical professional, the girl could not be saved.

A subsequent autopsy revealed, however, that the little girl had serious injuries across her body and had died after suffering prolonged abuse. The four-year-old's body reportedly had visible marks that had seemingly been caused by a belt and buckle, as well as abrasions on her throat and bruises on her face.

Furthermore, she had internal injuries that were consistent with victims of rape, and marks that indicated she had been restrained by her ankles and her wrists. It was ruled that the four-year-old had died after suffocating, probably with food, after she was struck in the head and suffered a stroke.  

Police were alerted to the abuse and began investigating both Roldan and Espinoza. Prosecutors later ordered the formal arrest of the couple and sent a forensic team down to the family home to search for further evidence. 

Speaking to local media about the abuse the child suffered, an unnamed policeman said, "What they did has no name. I still have not dared to see the photos of the body... because seeing such a thing is difficult to bear."

The Daily Mail reported that Roldan's sister, Micaela Ibanez, spoke to Argentinian news outlet Cronica and revealed she and their family had not seen Bianca since the girl's mother started dating Espinoza a year ago.

"Viviana completely changed since she started to date Federico almost a year and a half ago. Before then we saw each other all the time but he wouldn't let her see anybody in the family and blocked us all out," she said,

She also said Espinoza beat Roldan and forced her to sell drugs, adding that Bianca's biological father had been trying to get custody of the four-year-old.

The arrest warrant charged Roldan with aggravated homicide and Espinoza with femicide, and the pair are currently awaiting trial in police custody.