Remember "Plaid Shirt Guy" making faces behind President Trump? Well, he's now the poster boy for the "resistance"

The 'Plaid Shirt Guy' has been identified as Billings High School senior Tyler Linfesty, who claims he was instructed by Trump's staff to clap at everything Trump said

                            Remember "Plaid Shirt Guy" making faces behind President Trump? Well, he's now the poster boy for the "resistance"

One young man, who mouthed jokes and made face during Trump rally, while standing directly behind President Donald Trump, was asked to leave and was replaced as soon as his shenanigans were spotted. The man, who was dressed in a blue and white plaid shirt, was at Trump’s rally in Montana on Thursday night. He made jokes at the president’s expense as he was speaking about health care, international relations and his achievements as president. 

In the clips from the event, he can be clearly seen smirking at some of Trump’s remarks and raising eyebrows as well. At a certain point when Trump tells a cheering crowd that, "We've picked up a lot of support,” he can be seen in the background mouthing, “Have you?” 


A few moments later, the man was asked to leave the spot, along with the bespectacled lady standing next to him sporting a Make America Great Again hat. Another woman soon took his spot, leaving many a little bewildered. The incident is being talked about widely in social media, with the man earning the nickname "plaid shirt guy."



This has become a topic of interest especially after it was revealed that a volunteer at a campaign rally in Indiana tried to stop a news photographer from taking photos of a protester who had interrupted Trump's speech. These incidents seem to prove that the Trump administration would not stand for any form of dissent even the funny or silly ones.  

The search, for the “plaid shirt guy,” meanwhile, was launched in full social media strength, with many showing an interest in learning about why he was asked to leave.  He has finally been revealed to be Tyler Linfesty, a High School senior from Billings, Montana. In response to all the attention he has received, he tweeted, "Thanks for all the support! #plaidshirtguy."

He also revealed that the Trump staff had instructed him to keep clapping while he was there and to look enthusiastic. However, he "had to be honest in my views," he says about his actions during the rally. Further, he claimed, "I was not trying to make those faces, those were just faces that came out when I heard what he was saying."

Many have tweeted in support of his response and peaceful protest, with someone claiming, "Tyler Linfesty should basically get free tuition, full ride, at the University of his choice. He gives me hope for the youth of America. #plaidshirtguy #tylerlinfesty."