Piers Morgan rails against 'woke' vegans for being 'unethical' as they eat almonds, which kill millions of bees

The 'Good Morning Britain' host was back to form during the first show of 2020, taking aims at vegans and a landmark ruling which determined veganism as a philosophical belief.

                            Piers Morgan rails against 'woke' vegans for being 'unethical' as they eat almonds, which kill millions of bees
Piers Morgan (Source: Getty Images)

It might be a new year and a new decade, but Piers Morgan is still staying true to form and claimed during the first 'Good Morning Britain' of 2020 that vegans are responsible for the death of millions of bees.

The 54-year-old's argument was based around how almonds are a staple in a vegan's diet, and how the production of the nut is believed to be directly responsible for the death of bees. He also suggested that the "woke" vegans' hands were not clean and that they were "unethical" because of the transport that goes into distributing the almonds, which are mostly grown in California, across the world.

"My belief is that eating meat helps sustains the planet and that vegans are unethical because they all eat almonds, which kills millions of bees," he said.

California is responsible for the production of more than 80 percent of the almonds consumed across the planet, and it has been reported that beekeepers saw millions of their bees die in these fields because of pesticides and fungicides used to protect the nut.

Morgan was also not a fan of a recent landmark ruling by Tribunal Judge Robin Postle, who ruled last week that British workers who practice "ethical veganism" to protect animals are entitled to legal protection from job discrimination.

Postle said he was "overwhelmingly satisfied" that ethical veganism was a philosophical belief, and hence, its adherents are covered by the U.K.'s anti-discrimination law, the 2010 Equality Act, which prohibits religious discrimination.

He said the beliefs held by ethical vegans -- who go beyond a plant-based diet and shun any form of animal exploitation, including leather and wool clothes -- were worthy of respect, compatible with human dignity and not conflicting with the rights of others.

The claim had been brought to court by Jordi Casamitjana, 55, who claimed he was fired from the League Against Cruel Sports after raising questions about pension fund investments in companies that test products on animals.

"If I get discriminated against for being a meat-eater, is that a breach of my ethical beliefs?" Morgan asked about the ruling. "If my belief is eating meat is good for the planet and sustainability - and a strict vegan diet is bad for you - if I was to storm a vegan restaurant and demand meat, would they discriminate against me. Am I allowed to go to court?"

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