This Philadelphia infant was mauled by a raccoon but wait till you see how Christmas turned out for her

The child was found crying and screaming across the room with blood all over her face and pajamas.

                            This Philadelphia infant was mauled by a raccoon but wait till you see how Christmas turned out for her

An infant in Philadelphia was dragged and attacked by a raccoon last week while she was soundly sleeping in her apartment. The disturbing news made headlines last week and prompted an outpouring of donations. Now thanks to the kindness of strangers the baby is now set to get a new "safe and secure" home to live in after she leaves the hospital, according to the baby's uncle.

The four-months-old child, Journi Black, was sleeping in her bed last Wednesday when a raccoon managed to get inside the house, and then dragged and clawed the child, severely injuring her. 

The child's uncle, Kenneth McDuffle, said that ever since the tragic news broke, the family has received an overwhelming amount of donations on the infant's GoFundMe page during Christmas. The donations have now ensured that the family can get get a more secure house to live in.

The infant attacked in the incident, Journi Black. (GoFundMe)

“It will be safe. It will be secure. It will be wildlife- and rodent-free, a place where they are comfortable and they are safe,” McDuffie told “We can’t always predict what is going to happen in the future, but we want to make sure that [Rodgers] and her family are safe.”

Many residents of the building had complained about raccoon infestation. (Getty Images)

Although Black's GoFundMe page had set the initial goal at $2,000, the page received much more attention than anticipated and ended up raising over $20,000 within the period of three days. Reports state that more than 520 people assisted in contributing to the fundraiser for the child as of Monday afternoon.

The infant recovering in the hospital (GoFundMe)

Black's mother, Ashley Rodgers, said that she was overwhelmed by the support she received and that many people also dropped off gifts at her house for her daughter to help the family celebrate Christmas, according to reports.

“I’m good. She’s good,” Rodgers reportedly said.

Black's mother also posted a Christmas greeting update on the child's GoFundMe page, saying: "Merry Christmas! Thank you all for outpouring of love & support. Baby Journi is enjoying all the gift s You all really know how to make a girl feel special. Peace & Blessings to you and your family on this glorious day!"

The baby girl was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday and is still recovering from her wounds.

Journi after being discharged (GoFundMe)

Rodgers said that she found the child with blood all over her face and pajamas when she left the bed on Wednesday night to take her 6-year-old son Jordan to the bathroom, according to FOX29 reports.

"She was laying on the floor — across the room — blood all over her face and her PJs," Rodgers said.

The infant was immediately rushed to the hospital, where she received at least 65 stitches on her face. The doctors tending to the baby said that it could take her almost a year to recover from the injuries.

Journi after being discharged (GoFundMe)

Black's mother had moved to a one-room apartment with her children a few days before the incident occurred. The tenants of the building had already complained about a raccoon infestation, but no step was reportedly taken to address the issue.

"It needs to be shut down. Everybody needs to leave out of there," Rodgers said of the building.

Rodgers said that she moved to the apartment because $375 was all she could afford as rent. Reports state she intends to seek legal action against the building owners.

"It is [the landlord’s] responsibility. There’s no reason an animal should have gotten into the house with minors," the girl's father, Samuel Black said.

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