Little Mix star Perrie Edwards shares a heartfelt message about boyfriend Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Perrie Edwards took to Instagram to share a heartfelt series of messages with her followers on her boyfriend as well as other relatable things.

                            Little Mix star Perrie Edwards shares a heartfelt message about boyfriend Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Perrie Edwards from the music group, Little Mix, decided to get a load off her chest when she decided to share some heartfelt thoughts and words about her boyfriend, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain. The lovebirds have been together since January and have often taken to social media to display their love and affection.  

The singer took to posting a few Instagram stories in which she decided to share her personal thoughts with her fans and followers as she relaxed and enjoyed some quiet time at home. She revealed that she was really missing her footballer boyfriend and confessed how she was feeling lonely without him being by her side. 

Perrie Edwards who is currently 24-years-old recently posted a video of herself with many statements across the screen saying things like, " I miss my boyfriend. I wish he wasn’t away." She also spoke about the fact that since her boyfriend was missing, she decided to cuddle and love her next best option which was her dog Hatchi saying, "I love my hatchi." 

The blonde bombshell also shared some other relatable statements especially when she spoke about how she is sleepy all the time. She also spoke about her being annoyed at the fact that her black eyeliner refused to come off or be removed. Both of these statements apply to most of us and we understand these annoyances pretty well. 

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Perrie began missing her boyfriend terribly once he had left Arsenal for Liverpool which also means that he was no longer based in London next to his girlfriend. Perrie said, "I’m based in London, so I’ve got no plans to move up there," the singer told The Mirror in September. "I don’t think it will be difficult. It’s going to be different – but that’s not a problem. We’ll be fine. I’m just really happy for him and very proud."

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As compared to her previous relationship with the singer, Zayn Malik, Perrie seems to be a lot happier and a lot more settled with footballer boyfriend, Alex Chamberlain. Perrie and Zayn broke up back in the year 2015 and the breakup shocked all their fans and well-wishers. 

The relationship between Malik and Edwards ended on a sour note especially when Zayn Malik decided to snub her band, Little Mix, by retweeting a post from Shady Music Facts which read, "Which is the better single? Retweet - Fifth Harmony's Worth It Favorite - Little Mix's number one hit Black Magic."

Safe to say that she seems much happier now and of course, we wish the best for the superstar couple. 



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