Oscars 2018: Harvey Weinstein accusers celebrate the Time's Up movement with an emotional tribute

The Oscars ceremony dedicated a special segment to the women who spearheaded the accusations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, with a speech that celebrated the Time's Up movement.

                            Oscars 2018: Harvey Weinstein accusers celebrate the Time's Up movement with an emotional tribute

The 90th Academy Awards dedicated a part of its ceremony to actresses who gave the #MeToo movement explosive momentum by coming forward with their stories of alleged abuse at the hands of disgraced Hollywood mogul, Harvey Weinstein. Ashley Judd, Annabella Sciorra, and Salma Hayek spoke out in favor of the Time's Up movement and paid a tribute to directors who've spearheaded inclusion and diversity in Hollywood.

The three walked on stage to applause, and Sciorra, who last October accused Weinstein of raping her in the 1990s, said, "Hi, it's nice to see you all again. It's been a while," as the audience shouted words of encouragement to the actress. She continued, "It's an honor to be here tonight. This year many spoke their truth, and the journey ahead is long, but slowly a new path has emerged."

Judd, who alleged that the producer had sexually harassed her during the filming of 'Kiss the Girls,' said, "The changes we are witnessing are being driven by the powerful sound of new voices, of different voices, of our voices joining together in a mighty chorus that is finally saying, 'Time's Up.'"

Ashley Judd, Annabelle Sciorra, and Salma Hayek, Twitter
From L-R: Ashley Judd, Annabella Sciorra, and Salma Hayek addressed the Time's Up movement and the legacy it would have. (Twitter)

Academy Award-nominated actress Hayek, who had accused Weinstein of harassment and abuse during the filming of the 2002 movie that garnered her the nomination 'Frida,' added, "So we salute those unstoppable spirits who kicked a** and broke through the biased perceptions against their gender, their race, and ethnicity to tell their stories."

Sciorra was visibly moved as she continued, "And on this 90th anniversary evening when the Oscars celebrates timeless classics, we look forward as well." Judd provided a vision for the future, "And we work together to ensure that the next 90 years empower these limitless possibilities, of equality, diversity, inclusion, intersectionality. That's what this year has promised us."

Hayek described how it felt for the actresses to represent the Time's Up movement, saying "So, as you can see, [we're] so full of emotion, [we're] a little bit shaky." She then introduced a compilation of interviews with various directors and actors who changed the scape of Hollywood by representing the diversity of the human experience in groundbreaking films, "We ask you to join us as we take a look at some of these trailblazers."

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