Oscars 2018: Macaulay Culkin makes his social media debut and tries to outshine the Academy Awards

Macaulay Culkin Jokes that Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey crashed the Oscars in disguise

                            Oscars 2018: Macaulay Culkin makes his social media debut and tries to outshine the Academy Awards

There are several ways of making a comeback but none can nail it better than the 'Home Alone' star, Macaulay Culkin. The 37-year-old actor, who kept off the limelight announced his return on social media the night before the Academy Awards. He joined Instagram two days back and posted his first photo, a selfie with Jimmy Fallon.

CulkamaniaNew to the 'gram. Thanks to @jimmyfallon for showing me how to selfie on @fallontonight ...Wait, am I doing this right? hashtaghashtag (Source:Instagram)

He instantly caught the attention of fans and all those who had forgotten the former child star by constantly tweeting and Instagramming hilarious photos and captions. He introduced himself again to the world and wrote “Are you going to watch the #Oscars tomorrow?? I won't. But I WILL be LIVE TWEETING them (so I don't feel left out). Seriously.” 

His endless stream of tweets, while the Oscar aired was a series of things he was doing while not watching the Hollywood's biggest award show.

He first went to Twitter and seeked suggestion.  "I will be live tweeting the Oscars tonight, but I won't be watching them. WHA!?! That's crazy! Question: Do you guys have any suggestions for what I should be doing instead of watching the show?" he tweeted.

This was only the beginning of what was to follow because he was extremely serious about live tweeting without watching. So, it proceeded to the guessing game of who was the first to arrive on the red carpet and he placed his bet on Dustin Diamond, calling it "lame". He also did not forget to highlight the crazy fashion moment saying "This year's Fashion Police are now wearing bodycams". Well, there were many mean tweets, but funny ones so meaness can be pardoned.



In light of Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein's absence from the Sunday ceremony, Macaulay Culkin joked on Twitter that Weinstein, 65, and Spacey, 58, attempted to crash the Oscars in Los Angeles.

“EXCLUSIVE: I heard Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein were going to come disguised as a very tall man in a long trench coat but they got busted by security. #Oscars,” the Home Alone star joked.

The joke was only the beginning as he started posting Instagram photos and sharing it on Twitter, citing the things he was doing while NOT watching the Oscars.

Dressed in a sharp suit and a bowtie with hair sleek back, Culkin posted a picture of him cooking with a caption 

"Here's some things I'm doing instead of watching the #oscars 1. Making ramen".  He showed his fans many more picture proofs of what he was doing but watching the Oscars. The series is mirthful. And as the 90th Academy Awards progressed, so did his posts. 


We have to commend him for his sense of humour. His Twitter page is also filled with hilariously relatable comments on the big night! 











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