With the Oscars just calling it a wrap, people have been glued to what is happening on ground zero at the Kodak Theatre, but there are plenty of things going on backstage as well.

Here, we bring to you some of the most priceless backstage moments, that you missed watching on TV. 

On the Red Carpet

Jennifer Garner and nominee Margot Robbie shared a special moment on the red carpet with a nice warm hug a kiss. The two women were seen and overheard drowning each other in compliments and good wishes. Garner and Robbie even cracked a joke or two about what their undergarment(s) strategy was. 

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Timothee Chalamet from 'Call Me By Your Name' was seen walking down the red carpet holding the hand of his mother, Nicole Flender. As many fans and followers cheered and screamed them on, the 22-year-old actor and star responded back with a peace sign.  

Jennifer Lawrence clearly has a huge and dedicated fan following and it is no doubt that she generated some of the loudest screams and hoots from her fans in the bleachers. She greeted them with a big smile and thanked them by waving as she made her way into the event. 

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Inside the Show

Just ten minutes before the show was about to start, host Jimmy Kimmel and his team were seen coming out of the backstage office and they assembled in a group in the hallway. In a seemingly much-rehearsed unison, they shouted, "Let’s get it right this time!" and then broke into a chant "Best show ever! Best show ever! Best show ever!"

As Viola Davis stood backstage waiting to present the very first award of the night, she had a crew member check her teeth quickly before she really LOL-ed at Jimmy Kimmel's monologue. Davis was handed the back envelope containing the best actor in a supporting role winner’s name. 

After Sam Rockwell made his acceptance speech and made his way off stage, he was greeted by many well-wishers and said,  "Holy s—, we did it!" to his publicist. Soon after his shocked and relieving realization, he was warmly and heartily congratulated by Greta Gerwig. 

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During one of the first few commercial breaks, Margot Robbie reportedly told 'I, Tonya' co-star, Allison Janney, how one of the straps of her Chanel dress snapped off and was loosely swinging about when Robbie's rep came to the rescue with a mini sewing kit. The actress even threaded the needle herself and told PEOPLE, "Oh, ain’t got time for that!".  

Allison Janney also spoke to PEOPLE and shared how she was truly enjoying the Oscars with the only exception, "The only thing I’m not enjoying is my shoes."

Saoirse Ronan decided to attend her third Oscar event in a pink Calvin Klein by appointment dress and in her own words, "I just wanted to keep it funky!" 


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