Oklahoma woman who along with two men brutally raped and tortured victim for two days over $180 debt captured

Oklahoma woman who along with two men brutally raped and tortured victim for two days over $180 debt captured
(Police Department)

A felon who has been described by Tulsa cops as the "most violent woman they've ever seen," has been arrested and charged in connection to the brutal torture of a woman victim after spending weeks on the run.

A probable cause affidavit obtained by the Daily Beast states that Laura Palmer, 35, who goes by the nickname "Seven," started torturing the victim — referred to as MB — after she accused her of stealing $180 from her when the victim visited her apartment on September 7.

She told MB she would not be allowed to leave until she gave the money back, and then, along with her two male accomplices, held her in the apartment for two days while repeatedly raping and torturing her.

Police said it started when one of the male accomplices, Drake 'Derek' O'Neal, 44, pointed a gun at her and threatened to kill her if she did not give back the money, which she insisted she did not take it. Palmer is said to have then instructed O'Neal to take her to the bathroom, where he penetrated and raped her. 

The other male accomplice, Terran 'Boston' Morrow, 30, went in after him and did the same. Palmer then entered the bathroom herself, inserted a gun in the victim's vagina, and threatened to kill her if she did not return the money. She also allegedly bit MB's breast.

Morrow and O'Neal also participated in the torture (East Millinocket Police Department and Tulsa County Jail)

Over the next two days, Palmer beat her with closed fists, pressed a moving drill into her arm, and poured acid into a knife wound in a bid to get the money. The victim eventually managed to escape and made her way to the police suffering two black eyes, a split upper lip, and several large bruises and a bite mark on her upper body.

However, by the time the police arrived at the 35-year-old's apartment, she had fled. O'Neal was discovered at a Gateway Inn in Maine during a routine drug investigation late in October and is awaiting extradition to Oklahoma. Morrow was similarly arrested on November 1 in Tulsa.


Palmer remained on the run until police received a tip she had been spotted in a car in west Tulsa at around 10 pm on Saturday, November 2. She had reportedly been hiding in an apartment where her 22-year-old husband was participating in a drug addiction recovery program.

Speaking after her arrest, Tulsa Police Sgt Jill Phippen said it was the most brutal crime she had ever seen carried out by a woman.

"We have investigated women, but it is more in the realm of the teacher as a perpetrator of a student," she revealed. "I haven't ever seen a female perpetrator this violent and directing others to be just as violent — or more — to the victim."

She is facing charges of first-degree rape by instrumentation, kidnapping, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, feloniously pointing a firearm, possession of a firearm while in the commission of a felony and possession of a firearm after former conviction of a felony.


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