Botham Jean killing: Off-duty police officer who fatally shot man in his own home, has been charged with manslaughter

The white female officer was returning home after her shift when she went into the wrong apartment and is suspected to have thought the victim was an intruder.

                            Botham Jean killing: Off-duty police officer who fatally shot man in his own home, has been charged with manslaughter

According to the authorities, one white female officer from Dallas had been arrested and charged with manslaughter after she shot and killed a black man inside his own home last week because she mistook his apartment for her own. 30-year-old Amber Guyger was charged on September 9 night at the Kaufman County Jail. Her bond had been set at $300,000 and she was taken into custody by the Texas Rangers. The officer has been accused of killing 26-year-old Botham Jean inside his apartment in the South Side Flats building on September 6 night after she walked inside the home thinking it was hers. Guyger had just finished her shift and had still been in her uniform.

Guyger, 30, was arrested Sunday at 6:37 p.m. in Kaufman County but she posted $300,000 bond and was released Sunday night before 8:30 p.m., the Kaufman County Sheriff's Office said. The unfortunate incident had caused a massive stir on social media and many users had called for the police officer's immediate arrest.


Guyger had been let off with a warning and a fine in the beginning by her superiors and had been given a leave of absence. According to S. Lee Merritt, the lawyer for Botham’s family, since new evidence was found in her case it led to the Dallas District Attorney's Office to filing charges against her. Chief U. Renee Hall, the chief of the Dallas Police Department, told the reporters in a press conference on September 8 that Guyger's arrest warrant hadn't been signed yet because the Texas Rangers were still investigating the case for new information. Officials said that the decision to arrest and charge her had been made after "subsequent coordination" with the DA's office.

Hours after the incident, a neighbor of the slain victim uploaded a video onto her Instagram page which showed the female officer pacing about in the hallway, crying while paramedics were trying to revive Jean. 

Merritt also claimed at an earlier time that the reason why Guyger, who is a veteran of four years, wasn't being charged with manslaughter at the time was because of her status as a police officer. He then called on the DA's office to "treat her like every other citizen, and where there is evidence that they’ve committed a crime, that there’s a warrant to be issued and an arrest to be made."

The victim's mother has since come forward and questioned whether it was the color of his skin that got him killed that night in his own home. Allison, Botham Jean's mother, told NBC affiliate in Dallas KXAS in an interview on September 7: "I didn’t know she was white until now. If it was a white man would it have been different? Would she have reacted differently?"

Family attorney Benjamin Crump also told NBCfdw : "[Jean] went to his grave not knowing why a police officer came into his apartment and shot him. Let that sink in," Crump said. "He went to his grave not knowing why the police officer came into his door and shot him. And so the family has many questions for the authorities. The main one is that this police officer should not be given any preferential treatment."