NUDE woman struts through packed Denver airport as cops rush to cover her up

The naked female was skipping around Denver International Airport on September 19 while exposing herself to stunned passengers at the departure gate

                            NUDE woman struts through packed Denver airport as cops rush to cover her up
The nude female was skipping around Denver International Airport while exposing herself to passengers at a departure gate (CBS Denver 4)

A woman was photographed walking around a busy airport in the nude while chatting to shocked passengers after having made it through security.

The nude female, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was skipping around Denver International Airport on September 19 while exposing herself to stunned passengers at a departure gate. The minute-long clip recorded by another passenger was obtained by authorities but not released to the public over concerns for the woman's wellbeing. The video, also obtained by CBS Denver, reportedly showed police officers having a hard time keeping up with the woman as she marches along the concourse in the buff.

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Airport police revealed that the woman was "intoxicated" and had no luggage on her person. She was seen in the clip carrying some sort of thermos or drink holder as officers toted a large blanket while following the woman around the facility's terminal in an attempt to get things under control. 

"Ma’am, ma’am," officers are heard saying in the video as the woman appears unfazed by the incident. She smiles and laughs, talking to several stunned bystanders as authorities hurry alongside her. "How are you doing? Where are you from?" the woman asks fellow flyers filming the incident, exchanging pleasantries as she struts about.

At some point, the woman reportedly also skipped away from officers who were trying to wrap a blanket around her. According to the Denver Police Department, the incident took place during the early hours of Sunday, September 19, outside the terminal's Gate A-37 around 5 am. Airport police noted in an incident report that they received a "report of an intoxicated female completely nude." Officers were dispatched to the scene and "located the female running around the concourse having some type of medical issue." The report added, "Paramedics were called code 10 [which indicates an emergency response]."

Passengers move through a main security checkpoint at the Denver International Airport in Denver, Colorado (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

The unidentified woman was subsequently transported to University Hospital 15 miles away after undergoing what the report said was "an undetermined medical episode" at the time. Authorities with Denver police as well as airport officials are yet to release further details regarding the naked woman and what lead to the bizarre episode. They are yet to clarify how the woman bypassed airport security and it is unclear if she faces any criminal charges at the time of writing. A copy of the NSFW video recorded by a fellow passenger was obtained by CBS 4, but the outlet decided not to broadcast the same after police revealed the woman was having a medical episode. 

It's worth noting that Denver International Airport is the largest in the United States by land area. It is also one of the largest airport facilities in the world, second only to King Fahd International Airport in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. It has six runways and is on its way to opening its seventh. According to the Daily Mail, the airport has been the subject of bizarre conspiracy theories. For instance, conspiracy theorists claim it is the global headquarters of the so-called Illuminati. In light of those claims, airport bosses have erected billboards during ongoing construction work around the airfield to joke about these rumors.

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