Nick Cannon has been sued by the crew of upcoming movie 'She Ball' for inadequate compensation

A hundred crew members of Nick Cannon's upcoming film 'She Ball' sued the rapper and his production company for failing to adequately compensate them.

                            Nick Cannon has been sued by the crew of upcoming movie 'She Ball' for inadequate compensation

The crew of Nick Cannon's upcoming film 'She Ball' slapped the television personality with a class action lawsuit claiming that he not only failed to give them an adequate meal and rest breaks or compensate them for overtime, but that he had failed to pay them anything at all, TMZ reported.

According to the lawsuit, Cannon delayed payments of wages to camera operators, lighting crews, drivers, grips, set dressers, and location managers, who reportedly worked long hours on the set of the movie about a women's basketball team without breaks. The suit alleges that a total of 100 people were stiffed by the rapper.

In January, a letter obtained by TMZ that was addressed to Cannon and his production company by a lawyer representing 8 members of the film's crew addressed the same issues that the new lawsuit detailed and claimed that Cannon was legally obliged to provide them with their dues.

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Nick Cannon at the 2017 Nickelodeon Halo Awards in New York City. Getty Images)

The letter gave Cannon an ultimatum of 33 days to pay up, failing which the crew members threatened to take legal action against him. It appears that Cannon and his production company did not take the ultimatum seriously, as the new lawsuit now represents 100 disgruntled crew members.

TMZ reached out to Cannon at an airport terminal for a comment on the controversial letter, but he appeared nonchalant and said, "That's production stuff ... they always blame the biggest name, but they'll work it out," claiming that he was receiving the blame for things his production company should have been handling.

This isn't the first controversy the film has been through. Cannon received heavy criticism for casting Chris Brown in the film, given his turbulent past fraught with scandals and misogyny, which weighed heavy on the "girl power" message the film claimed to support. The film reportedly follows Avery Watts (Cannon), who starts a women's basketball team in an effort to save the Inglewood Community Center.

Chris Brown, Getty
Chris Brown at the Premiere of 'Chris Brown: Welcome To My Life' in Los Angeles, California. (Getty Images)

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