New Hampshire Primary: Klobuchar, Warren in top 4 but 30% voters feel a woman has no chance of beating Trump

The primary results showed Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg occupying top two slots while Joe Biden slipped to fifth position

                            New Hampshire Primary: Klobuchar, Warren in top 4 but 30% voters feel a woman has no chance of beating Trump
Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren (Getty Images)

Two women featured in the top four candidates as early trends of the Democratic primary in New Hampshire came out on Tuesday, February 11. While Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar improved her standings by far compared to that in the Iowa Caucuses and was in the third position with nearly 21 percent of votes, her Massachusetts counterpart Elizabeth Warren was in the fourth position with less than 10 percent. Klobuchar finished fifth in Iowa while Warren was third. Many credited Klobuchar’s impressive performance in the February 7 debate to be the reason for her good show in the primary.

However, despite Klobuchar and Warren making up 50 percent of the top four candidates in New Hampshire (Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and former South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg were the top two), the Democratic voters in the Granite State weighed in on the prospects of a woman beating President Donald Trump in the November election. 

As per an exit poll conducted by CNN, 30 percent of the voters were of the opinion that it would be difficult for a woman to beat Trump while 11 percent said it would not be. Fifty eight percent said there would be little difference. The poll was conducted by Edison Research for the National Election Pool and the results were based on interviews conducted throughout the primary day with 1,947 randomly selected Democratic primary voters in 45 wards of the state. 

In 2016, Trump beat a heavyweight woman candidate in Hillary Clinton to become the president even though he got less popular votes. 

Warren wants a huge turnout in November to beat Trump

Meanwhile, speaking to supporters in Manchester, NH, Warren urged them to come out to vote in the November 3 election to beat Trump. She said the Democratic Party needs to see a “huge turnout” if it fancies a chance to humble Trump. 

The 70-year-old candidate also said that to make that big turnout a reality, the Democrats needed to nominate someone who the broadest coalition in the party can feel to back. 
Coming up with her address less than 30 minutes after the polls closed in New Hampshire, Warren also said that she and Klobuchar are the only candidates in the race who are neither billionaires nor supported by Super PACs. 

Warren was expected to do well in New Hampshire since she is the senator of the neighboring state of Massachusetts since 2012. 

She thanked every volunteer, her husband and even her dog Bailey and added that she is here to get big things done, giving enough hint that her campaign will go on, irrespective of what the voters think and her rival Bernie Sanders allegedly say about a woman presidential candidate. 

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