Who is the 'naked guy' trending under politics? Internet says 'come on Giuliani, not on Thanksgiving please'

A certain TV show's annual Thanksgiving binge-watch tradition led to an extremely confusing trend on Twitter and social media can't wrap their heads around it

                            Who is the 'naked guy' trending under politics? Internet says 'come on Giuliani, not on Thanksgiving please'
Rudy Giuliani (Getty Images)

As the world gears up for Miley Cyrus's upcoming studio album and Australia already scoring a big win on bagging early release of the same, Americans have been left befuddled by their politics one again, as a 'naked guy' seems to be a trending topic on Twitter. While we thought hair dye sweating down the sideburns of Rudy Giuliani were going to be the peak moment from American politics in whatever's remaining of 2020, said 'naked guy' has managed to top trends and leave social media very confused. A baffled  social media user noticing the trends wrote, "The flour is apparently due to fried chicken and Nicki Minaj....no clue on Naked Guy or Why it is trending in Politics."



The trend appeared after 'Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life' commenced with its Thanksgiving marathon on The CW. That's right, fans of the popular show will know who the not-so-beloved 'naked guy' is, but for those unaware, here's some context. 'Naked guy' refers to Wane Wilcox's character Marty from the hit WB drama, which is currently being binge-watched by a majority of America as part of what has become a Thanksgiving tradition, long after the show wrapped more than a decade ago, in 2007. The character gets the moniker 'naked guy' as we meet him in Season 5 as protagonist Rory Gilmore's male friend, whom she encounters for the first time passed out in front of her dorm room, buck naked.

The reason why Marty must come up now is that The CW is airing the Gilmore Girls' spin-off, 'A Year in the Life' which revolves around the original characters' lives a decade from where we left them off in 2007. Twitter also adds how 'Gilmore Girls' fans answer 'Naked Guy' to one of the trivia questions featured on UPtv's 'GilMORE The Merrier' marathon, a Thanksgiving week tradition now in its fifth year," to explain the odd trend. But not everybody is privy to the joke and that's exactly why it has led to the most hilarious confusion ever. 





While a fan noted "Marty (naked guy) from Gilmore girls had a very similar energy to Joe Goldberg from YOU," others less in on the joke expressed frustration citing "Naked guy is trending and I swear to god if this is another supernatural thing im leaving the internet" Several others were also convinced this was some hardcore political innuendo, as a fan pointed out: "Naked guy is trending-I was like come on Giuliani, not on Thanksgiving -please man! Phew"; and "Good Lord, Naked Guy is trending and all I can think is please don’t let it be Giuliani"





For others, it was the additional 'flour' trending on Twitter that also left them absolutely mind boggled, as a user asked "Why the f**k are "Naked Guy" AND "Flour" BOTH trending and do I want to know". For context, Nicki just gave tips on how to make the perfect fried chicken for Thanksgiving, and of course, flour became a thing. As to why Marty, the naked guy is trending under politics, let's fantasize that like most Yale prodigies, he, too, went on to rise and shine in the field.