If the peculiar looking braided eyebrows, squiggle lips and black highlighter beauty trends weren't enough, a new trend has entered the market that is giving everyone the creeps.

Illusion artist Dain Yoon from Seoul, South Korea added to the list of the most bizarre beauty trends, on Sunday, when she uploaded an image of her nails — each finger embellished with a female face hand-painted on it, complete with hair strands.

Dain has received mixed reactions to her new artwork.

Image Source: Instagram/Dain Yoon

Dain Yoon is an artist unlike others in the contemporary art biz. Instead of creating ordinary illusions by using common tricks — longer eyelashes, plumper lips, highlighted cheeks, et al, she creates reality-defying illusions that can leave you puzzled for quite some time.

Yoon calls herself an illusion artist who uses paints and watercolors to create logic defying illusions of lips, eyes and the overall face. She is often blending herself into the environment she is in by creating ultra-realistic paintings on her face. Her creations stand out for their novelty and in many cases, it's hard to believe that she doesn't use photoshop.

Yoon excels in surreal paintings that have gone previously gone viral too.

Image Source: Instagram/Dain Yoon

This time she managed to create a massive buzz around her new artistic endeavor with nails that looked like they came straight from a horror show. But regardless of the opinions floating on Twitter and Instagram, people cannot help but marvel at the ingenuity of the hyperrealistic paintings of human faces on her nails, replete with hair.

As Dain demonstrates on her Instagram page video, you can make the 'girls' play with each other too!


Say hi🖐🏻 to Dain1, Dain2, Dain3, Dain4... painted all by myself @designdain 🎨

A post shared by Dain Yoon 윤다인 (@designdain) on

While they may not have caught on quite yet, social media users have taken notice and the reactions to it have been mixed. Overall, a majority of people have expressed concern over the potential trend, but admit that regardless of how creepy the nails might look, it's extraordinarily creative — not to mention it requires major skills to pull that off.

Dain Yoon modeling her new artwork that has gone viral.

Image Source: Instagram/Dain Yoon

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