She died saving me.

Dancer Charlotte Reat, 21, said her mother, Jayne Toal Reat took several stabs after she was knifed twice in the head at their home in Lisburn, Belfast. The murder took place on Christmas day.

Charlotte Reat with her mother Jayne Toal Reat, who took fatal stabs on Christmas day after she tried saving her daughter. (Source: Photopress Belfast)

Shortly after 6 am on Christmas, the ambulance and police officers arrived on the scene. By the time the ambulance had arrived, police officers were seen performing CPR in an effort to help revive the severely wounded mother. 

The police officers and ambulance arrived shortly after 6 am on Christmas morning. (Source: Photopress Belfast)

Charlotte recalled the shocking incident in a heartbreaking post on Facebook where she said she'll never be able to forget what happened to her mother.

"Today will be a day I will never forget as my mum was murdered in front of my eyes and then later died in my arms. I can still feel her in my arms and hear her screams of pain and see the panic on her face.

"My mum died saving me, I was stabbed twice in the head once in my face and once to the back of my neck. I am with family and have to identify my beautiful mother's body which is not something I ever expected to be doing."

Charlotte posted a heartbreaking message on Facebook about the incident that shook her. (Source: Facebook)

Charlotte along with another man also suffered stab wounds and both were immediately taken to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast. They have now been discharged. It is still unclear as to what sparked this outrage at the house party but police have arrested the 19-year-old man who is responsible for the murder.

Charlotte Reat/ Facebook

It is still not clear what caused the man to murder Jayne and severely wound Charlotte and another man. (Source: Photopress Belfast)

Charlotte's post on Facebook has been liked more than 10,000 times and shared nearly 3,500 times.

Charlotte wishes she could trade places with her mom and has vowed to bring her justice.

Charlotte vows to bring justice to her late mother. (Source: Facebook)

Tagging her mother in the post, she added: "Jayne Toal Reat, you died saving my life and I just wish I could trade places with you. 

"You're my hero forever and always and I'll never forget you. I promise I will get you justice!

"That scum won't get away with this if it is the last thing I do! I LOVE YOU, MY BEAUTIFUL MUMMY, FOREVER AND ALWAYS."

Jayne died a hero. (Source: Facebook)

Friends and family have been paying tribute to Jayne with heartfelt messages, recalling her beautiful personality.

Jayne's brother, Peter Toal says she was a wonderful person who was beautiful both inside out.

He wrote: "It’s with a heavy heart that I write this, firstly thanks to all the people that have messaged me and phoned with support and kind words on the passing of my sister Jayne Toal Reat it means a lot to us all. 

"She was not only beautiful on the outside but even more, on the inside, she really did have a heart of gold she was a wonderful nurse, mother, sister and friend who followed in her mum's footsteps helping and caring for others the best she could."

Jayne's brother, Peter says, 'She was not only beautiful on the outside but even more, on the inside' (Source: Facebook)

"She didn’t get it easy most of the time but one thing she did get right was in the upbringing and her relationship with her daughter Charlotte which she proved by making the ultimate sacrifice in the death of herself defending her, anybody that knows them both will know the bond that they have like 2 sisters. 

"Charlotte has now been left without her mum and best friend, rest in peace my wee beautiful sister, Jane you are now with our mum xx."

'You're my hero forever and always and I'll never forget you. - Charlotte (Source: Facebook)

Speaking to The Irish News local SDLP MLA Pat Catney said his thoughts and prayers were with the woman’s family and friends at this extremely difficult time.

“I would urge anyone with information, however small, about what happened here to bring it forward as soon as possible.”

Neighbour Patrick Byrne, 37, told the Belfast Telegraph that he woke up to emergency services on his street. He saw Charlotte and Jayne's injured partner leaving the house as well as the arrest of the suspect involved in the murder.

Byrne said: "You don't expect to wake up to a murder scene on Christmas Day."

"It was about 6.30am and there were police, ambulances, and forensics everywhere and a forensic tent.

"It was like being in an episode of Eastenders."

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