Mike Thalassitis and Megan McKenna may have sparked dating rumors since the time the two were seen sharing pictures with each other on Valentine's Day. While the two remained silent about it, Mike was forced into telling what exactly is going on between the two in his latest interview. 

He confessed the two went on a date on Valentine's Day (Twitter)

The Love Island villain appeared on Good Morning Britain on Monday (February 19) and it is where he was asked if the two were dating. Mike then confirmed that the news about the couple heading out to Amsterdam on Valentine's Day for their very first date was true. 

"Erm, we did go on a date, that came out on Valentine’s Day. That was our first date," he told when being asked about their rumored date. "No one wants to be alone on that date. We went to Amsterdam... we had a good time." However, Mike did not spill any more details. 

When asked if they were still an item, the soccer player decided to keep his lips zipped but did confess that he had plans of settling down and is open to finding love. "I’m 25, I don’t want to be single forever. I’m very open-minded if I did find someone on [Celebs Go Dating]. I would be open to it," he said. "I have been searching for love for 24 years of the TV, it was alright to be fair." 

He refused to spill any more details about their relationship (Twitter)

The two sparked rumors when they enjoyed a night out together last month and took a lot of pictures to showcase the good time they had been having. Megan also took to her Instagram to share some breathtaking snaps of the special day. One picture in particular that sent all her fans into a frenzy was a photo of a hotel room with some very romantic rose petals on it.

She, however, did not reveal the identity of the man she was with and instead, posted a picture of her hand and Mike’s holding shots in a bar, along with a video of her sipping a cocktail with a small gift bag at her side. 

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