Mother jumps in front of speeding train after husband is convicted of sexually assaulting Tinder date

40-year-old NHS dietitian Yinka McKay went through a mental breakdown after her husband was sentenced to seven years in prison

                            Mother jumps in front of speeding train after husband is convicted of sexually assaulting Tinder date

A mother-of-three committed suicide by throwing herself under the wheels of a train one year after her cheating husband was imprisoned for raping a woman whom he met on Tinder. 40-year-old NHS dietitian Yinka McKay went through a mental breakdown when her husband Rica was accused of treating his victim "like an animal". On June 7, which was a year after her company director husband was put in jail for seven years, McKay took her son to school and then went to the Birchwood railway station close to her home in Warrington, Cheshire. Once there, she jumped off the platform just as the Liverpool to Manchester East Midlands train was arriving. The mother later died from multiple injuries.

Mirror Online reported that an inquest has now heard how McKay, who was privately educated, met her husband while she was studying at Aston University in Birmingham. The couple tied the knot in 2000 and have three sons together. The marriage started to fall apart, however, when McKay started working away from home after she was assigned to help with IT for the 2012 Olympic Games that took place in London.


In a statement that was read at the hearing, Irene Fatimilehin, McKay's mother, spoke about how the relationship came apart when her daughter left the family to work in Azerbaijan and London in 2015. She said: "During 2015, there were marital difficulties and that was the start of her struggles. She could not cope and started to become manic, her work was affected, she was upset all the time."

The mother continued: "Rica came home to stay for a few days during this time and she would also go down to see where he was living in London for a few days at a time. On her return from the visits, she started to show some evidence of paranoia. I moved in to help her out."

In spite of her mother being there offering support to McKay, who worked as a nutritionist at Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester, she continued to cope with her mental health problems. Fatimilehin added: "In early 2016, Rica was accused of rape and she decided that they should have a trial separation."

She continued: "In April, she said she would only reunite if they took their marriage vows again and they did so in May. But in January 2017, Yinka learned that Rica would appear in court for rape. She started to deteriorate again and that was the start of her second breakdown. She did not sleep for days and was taking medication."

After she admitted that she had more than £10,000 in credit card debts that she was struggling to repay, McKay was admitted to a hospital where she spent three weeks. She applied for a divorce when her husband was sentenced to seven years.

Speaking about the days that led up to the tragic death of her daughter, Fatimilehin said: "The day before her death, she started to become worried about touching the bin and about germs. She went to bed during the day but got up four times. I made tea for the boys. The next morning, she took one of the boys to school in the car and left at 8:45 am. She would usually come home straight away."

She continued: "When she wasn't home for 9, I called her and she said she was waiting to speak to a teacher. I ended the call with 'God bless' and she replied the same. I kept calling and texting her but did not hear from her. In the months before her death she had attempted to and talked about taking her own life. She had visited the same train station before."


Coroner Heath Westerman recorded a conclusion of suicide and said: "On the balance of probabilities, she did the act herself and by doing so she intended to end her own life. I extend my sincere condolences to the remaining family."

When Rica's rape trial took place at the Chester Crown Court, the Tinder victim said that she met the father-of-three through the dating app in December 2015 before they exchanged numbers and started chatting on WhatsApp. In January the following year, the pair went on a date and kissed before Rica drove the victim home and asked if he could "come up for a cup of tea". The woman agreed and they initially started having consensual sex. Just as Rica was leaving her home, however, he demanded to have more sex and attacked her. The woman said she told him "no" but did not want any confrontation so she just "froze in fear" while he raped her.

In a statement that was read out in court, the victim said: "I was doing all I could to get him out of the house. He sent me a message at 4am and said 'thank you for kicking me out'. I said 'we needed it' and put two kisses. That's what I tend to do. He said 'true' but I deleted the messages. When I went upstairs there were unused condoms. I felt he was quite dominant in his sexual behaviour and style. I felt like an animal. I had consensual sex but he changed the sexual behaviour – I knew it was rape the whole time. I felt a lot of self-blame — how could I be so stupid? I just come out of a long relationship. I wanted to be liked."

Rica said that he has been "living with his wife but accepted his marriage was over". He then claimed that his victim "seemed to be enjoying" the sex when they were together. The depraved man also said that he was left in "shock and disbelief" when the authorities arrested him. He was convicted by a majority verdict of two charges of rapeand it is believed that he is still serving out his sentence. None of McKay's family members attended he inquest.

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