Mother returns home to find 19-year-old daughter and her ex-boyfriend dead in front yard in apparent murder-suicide

Adele Singer returned home to find the bodies of her 19-year-old daughter Willow dead from a gunshot wound along with her ex-boyfriend Thomas Jordan Hayes on Tuesday in San Diego

                            Mother returns home to find 19-year-old daughter and her ex-boyfriend dead in front yard in apparent murder-suicide

In a horrific case of murder-suicide, a mother returned home to find her daughter and her ex-boyfriend dead from gunshot wounds.

Adele Singer returned home on Tuesday night in San Diego to the shocking site and found her 19-year-old daughter Willow Singer dead from a gunshot wound along with her daughter's ex-boyfriend Thomas Jordan Hayes in San Carlos neighborhood of San Diego. It was Adele who discovered the bodies and she screamed in shock resulting in a neighbour calling 911. Police have also said, according to Daily Mail, that Thomas shot his ex-girlfriend first and then killed himself.

The two suffered gunshot wounds to the upper torso and were pronounced dead at the scene of the crime. The incident occurred just five days after Adele lost her husband US Navy veteran Daniel Singer to oesophagal cancer. He was 49-years-old.


A neighbour spoke to NBC7 and said, "When I found out this morning, it was devastating. No one deserves to die like that." Speaking of Hayes, she said, "Those are two families shattered. Even his family will be shattered."

The Singers' neighbour Barbara Sennett also spoke to Fox News and said, "Nothing you can say. It’s a nightmare. It’s a total nightmare. Very, very hard to comprehend. He (Hayes) has a family and you know that his mother and parents, this is devastating for them too so, so many people are affected by what’s happened."

Sennett also felt hurt about the fact that the Singers had just lost another family member ( Adele's husband) to cancer. She said, "Why? Why to such a nice family does something like this have to happen? There’s no explanation." Sennett also said that while she did not know Willow all too well, she knew that Willow was going to college, had her own car and was a good kid.

She also spoke about how scary it was to understand that things can change in an instant. She said, "It’s just almost frightening. How quickly with the snap of your fingers life can change for you."

One of Willow's relatives also said that Hayes was a 'controlling boyfriend'. The police has also said that they will investigate further to find out if there was any prior history of violence in the teenagers' relationship.  

Adele also shared a picture of her daughter on Facebook and requested people give the family some privacy. She said, "As many of you know, my beloved daughter Willow was senselessly shot and killed in front of our home Tuesday. Unless you have lost a loved one to violent death, there is no way you can possibly comprehend what this has put our family through. We are in mourning, and we ask for your respect and understanding."

She added, "Only recently, Willow lost her father to a prolonged illness. She was 19 years old and had her whole future ahead of her. She was robbed of that future, and we, her family were robbed of sharing it with her. The man who did this also took his own life. This, too, is a tragedy, but it is not our tragedy. It is not what we will have to live the rest of our lives mourning. Our tragedy is what he did to brutally murder my daughter and Corbitt’s sister. Willow was beyond precious to us, and what this man did left a hole in our lives and hearts that can never be filled."

She also wrote about how much Willow has achieved in such short time and said, "She graduated from Patrick Henry High School and was attending Grossmont College, with plans to save her dad’s GI bill for the future, when she would attend the University of Oregon. She planned to major in business management and wanted to open a diner featuring her father’s recipes. We were not the only ones who loved her. Many, many people were touched by her warmth, generosity and vibrant spirit."

She concluded by saying, "I lived 19 years of my life raising, loving and having the indescribably joy of knowing Willow. She cannot be replaced. Friends and loved ones are always welcome to contact us, but our family asks that strangers respect our privacy during this time. We will not be making any further comment to members of the media or the general public. Thank you."