Three-year-old twins horrified after mother shoots dead ex-husband's new girlfriend right in front of them

32-year-old Chelsea Watrous Cook allegedly locked herself up in one of the bathrooms before pulling out a handgun and shooting 26-year-old Lisa Vilate William

                            Three-year-old twins horrified after mother shoots dead ex-husband's new girlfriend right in front of them

A woman in Utah has been arrested for allegedly shooting her ex-husband's new girlfriend in front of their young children. 32-year-old Chelsea Watrous Cook allegedly went to her ex-husband's apartment in Midvale on November 25 in order to give him cold medicine for one of their three-year-old twins.

After she reached the apartment, Chelsea was asked to leave immediately by her ex-husband who was in the parking lot when she entered his home. The authorities said that she refused.

According to an affidavit that was obtained by The Salt Lake Tribune, the desperate mother-of-two locked herself up into one of the bathrooms and then dialed 911. Fox 13 Salt Lake City reported that she stayed inside the bathroom for some time and then allegedly opened the door. She walked towards her coat and her ex-husband thought she was finally leaving.


The authorities, however, said that Cook instead pulled out a handgun and fired at her ex-husband's 26-year-old girlfriend Lisa Vilate Williams. The young woman was hit twice in her torso. Officers wrote in the jail documents: "[Cook] then suddenly pulled out a handgun and fired three rounds at the victim. The victim fell back and landed on the coach."

Cook's ex-husband told the responding police officers that he immediately grabbed the handgun from Cook and tried his best to give CPR to Williams as the twins watched in horror.

During that chaos, the ex-husband said that Cook "walked over to their children and sat on the recliner chair". He said that when she tried to get up again, he allegedly pinned her to the wall until the officers arrived.

Detective Robert Ungritch from the Salt Lake City Police Department told Fox 13 that Williams was rushed to a hospital nearby where she died later on. The Tribune also reported that Cook was arrested and booked into the Salt Lake County Jail on suspicion of aggravated murder.


Deseret News reported that aside from her current aggravated murder charges, Cook is also facing domestic violence charges in a Herriman justice court after an incident that took place last month. Cook had reportedly caused minor injuries to an adult male living in her apartment at the time. She has already pleaded not guilty in that case. It is still unclear at this time if she has entered a plea for the current aggravated murder charge.

According to the mother-of-two's Facebook page, she worked as a health and yoga instructor ay Skyridge High School in Lehi. The Alpine School District released a statement after the news of her arrest and previous assault charge came out. 

The statement read: "This morning we learned about a situation involving one of our Skyridge teachers, Ms. Cook. She was arrested and charged with a serious crime. We know there will be information in the media regarding this incident. we want you to be aware of what we have learned, so we can help you process and provide support to any of you who may be in need. This types of news is hard to comprehend and we want you to know that teachers, counselors and your parents can help provide support in this difficult time."