3-year-old with speech disorder punched and whipped with a dog leash by mother and her boyfriend

Karen Spurlock and her boyfriend Shane Sasher are now in jail for beating a three-year-old boy and are facing criminal abuse and second-degree assault charges

                            3-year-old with speech disorder punched and whipped with a dog leash by mother and her boyfriend

Jaxsin Fellows' mother Karen Spurlock and her boyfriend Shane Sasher thought they could abuse him and get away with it because of his limited speech, according to his father. "This is not something I ever thought would happen to me," Nick Fellows of Erlanger, Kentucky, told WLWT. He said a dog leash was used to whip the three-year-old boy in Northern Kentucky.

When he first saw his son at the hospital September 17, bloodied and bruised, Nick broke down in tears. The child had suffered facial abrasions, a swollen eye, chipped teeth, and needed five stitches.

Young Jaxsin was subjected to the abuse by his own mother and her boyfriend, per investigative officers. Both face criminal abuse and second-degree assault charges in the incident. 

"I don't know what part she played in this, but he was mainly responsible. She was responsible for not doing anything and letting it happen," Nick said.

According to the sheriff's office, the mother and her boyfriend "thought he was deceased" the next morning.


The Investigators were appalled by what they discovered, according to Sgt. Philip Ridgell. "In my experience, it’s one of the worst (cases) I’ve seen," he said.

Jaxsin was allegedly hit with blunt objects, most likely fists, according to Boone County investigators. The abusive pair attempted to cover up the abuse by claiming Jaxsin simply fell down some stairs, they said.

"He fooled everybody into thinking he's a good person. He's definitely not. Only Jaxsin saw the dark side," the father grimaced.

During the three-day investigation into the incident, officers understood that the boy was with Spurlock and Sasher the night before.


After being abused, the victim was given Motrin and put to sleep. Both the mother and her boyfriend tried to wake him up the following morning and feared he may be dead.

Upon interrogation, detectives realized there were some major inconsistencies in both their statements. According to Spurlock, her boyfriend advised her not to report the initial injuries the boy suffered to the police.

Having said that, both Spurlock and Sasher refused to confess to their crimes. Both have been charged equally as authorities say they were the only ones in the apartment when the reported abuse happened.

That said, while Jaxsin is now safe in his father's arms, there is a long way ahead for him to recuperate both physically and emotionally. A GoFundMe page has been set up by Jaxsin's paternal grandmother Diane Fellows to take care of medical and rehabilitation bills as well as future legal bills for custody of Jaxsin.

"I hope they both spend a lot of time in jail," said Fellows.

As of now, both Spurlock and Sasher are each being held on a bond set at $100,000 and are scheduled for a court appearance on October 1.