Mother arrested after she accidentally live-streams boyfriend performing sex act on her 7-year-old daughter

Authorities in the Mexican municipality of Chalco arrested 32-year-old Ana Gabriela Velasco in connection with the disturbing incident.

                            Mother arrested after she accidentally live-streams boyfriend performing sex act on her 7-year-old daughter

A mother was apprehended by the authorities after she mistakenly live-streamed a video on social media where she and her boyfriend could be seen sexually abusing her seven-year-old daughter. Thirty two-year-old Ana Gabriela Velasco was arrested on February 28 in the municipality of Chalco in the eastern part of Mexico.

According to the Daily Mail, authorities were alerted of the crime by the child's father, who saved the video that was being live-streamed on Facebook Live , and which showed Velasco recording as the girl was forced to pleasure her boyfriend, José Luis López.


It was reported that the pair were filming the act on February 26 as part of a disturbing new online challenge. Another couple who was part of a swinger's group was also said to be participating in the challenge, but their whereabouts is still unknown.

In the distressing footage, Velasco can be seen looking on as the young girl is touching López, who is lying shirtless on the bed.

The couple had originally intended to save the video after recording it so they could share it afterward, but a mistake by Velasco instead meant she clicked on the live feed option on Facebook and broadcast her crimes to social media.

When friends and family became aware of the act, they immediately alerted the authorities.


Alejandro J. Gómez, the Attorney General of the State of Mexico, announced the 32-year-old's arrest in a tweet and said, "This woman is being investigated because she would videotape her daughter, touching a naked man while he was lying on a bed. These images were disseminated through social networks a few days ago."

A 20-second video posted on his page also showed three armed officers taking Velasco out of a car in cuffs and then leading her to a jail, where she was subsequently booked.

An arrest warrant filed against her charged her with probable participation in seeking, forcing, facilitating, or inducing a minor to perform sexual acts or indecent exposure. While Velasco was arrested, López, who is also said to be in his 30s, managed to escape, with police still hunting for him.

Unsurprisingly, the comments on social media were not kind to the pair. One read, "Damned rubbish, hopefully in prison they will die." Another user similarly wrote, "The most severe penalty to that damned sow!" while a third posted, "Both adults should be prosecuted as they are equally guilty!"

Investigators are still trying to determine if this particular incident was isolated or if there are other couples who are also participating in similar challenges.