Mo'Nique has no problem checking your attitude. The Academy Award winner, comedienne and all-round legend appeared on a radio talk show to talk about her "RESPECT ME" tour and called out the host for not being present enough for Mo'Nique to be interviewed. 

The interview starts off with the co-host G Biz asking Mo'Nique about what her career is bringing her.

As the actress speaks about her gigs in the bay area, the show's other host Sana G interjects pretty rudely. 

"Let's talk about this situation you're going through," Sana says. Mo'Nique shuts her off with a quick "We're going to talk about it soon" and continues talking to the other host.

Cold! You can see from the start of the video that there was a fair amount of tension between the actress and the host of the talk show. But Sana presses Monique on with the same question by talking over the actress.

No ne messes with Mo. (Instagram)


Bad move, honey. This did not go unnoticed because Mo'Nique's full attention soon focused on Sana G and it looked like she was ready to smack her silly.

But Miss Mo'Nique kept a cool head and told the radio host that her boycott of Netflix was about dealing with inequality and disrespect.

But most importantly, said Monique, it "was about not knowing how to talk to one another."

She then goes in for the kill and calls out Sana G for her cold greeting. "When I walk in here [son], and you don't even introduce yourself, I had to direct my conversation somewhere else till you got your energy right." I can't talk to someone who just says 'you ready? Let's go!'"

Mo'Nique has been battling it out with Netflix about pay discrepancy. Netflix allegedly offered her $500,000 for a stand-up comedy special while offering millions to Amy Schumer, Dave Chappelle, and Chris Rock.

She took to Twitter to boycott the online streaming service. Fans have her back and have fully supported her.  

The sassy actress sure did put her point across firmly. Check out her interview, and for future reference, be humble, or Mo'Nique will check you. 


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