Louisiana woman shoots her four little children and neighbor to death before turning the gun on herself

Cops said Brittany Tucker was herself a victim in the killing since she was suffering from mental illness for quite some time

                            Louisiana woman shoots her four little children and neighbor to death before turning the gun on herself
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MONROE, LOUISIANA: A mentally-ill Louisiana mother shot her neighbor and her own four young children, including an infant, before turning the gun on herself in a grisly quadruple-murder suicide that has left the community reeling.

Brittany Tucker, 30, confronted the first victim, Anteshia Logwood, in front of Building 19 at the Parkview Apartment complex in Monroe at around 7.44 pm on Friday, June 12, according to the Monroe News-Star.

Monroe Police Chief Reggie Brown said Tucker approached Logwood and asked her, "What are you laughing at?" When Logwood dismissed the question, it provoked Tucker, who then pulled out a handgun and fired a fatal shot.

After killing her neighbor, Tucker is said to have proceeded to her own apartment, where her four young children were staying, and shot them one by one. All four children, identified by authorities as Tremayne Tucker, 12, Trechelle Tucker, 8, Treasure Tucker, 5, and Glory Tucker, five-months-old, died at the scene as a result of their injuries.

Before law enforcement could arrive at the scene, Tucker turned the gun on herself, Brown said, adding that even veteran detectives who responded to the scene were shaken by what they had come across at her home.

"Our guys do their jobs with compassion regardless of what the bad actions of one or two may do to overshadow that," Brown said. "Today, I have two chaplains coming in so our officers can talk to them because they need to be able to talk to someone because of the hurt they feel for those kids from last night."

Anteshia Logwood was Tucker's first victim (GoFundMe)

Tucker had reportedly purchased the firearm she used in the killings recently. Brown said police are in the process of investigating if she bought it from a local arms dealer and that there were signs that she wasn't quite herself in the past few days.

"After speaking with witnesses who were present over the past couple of days, Ms Tucker was showing irrational behavior with the gun in hand," he said. "And no one felt the need to reach out to law enforcement or anyone of that nature to let us know she was showing irrational behavior and possessing a firearm. We could have responded and got her some help because that was a cry for help."

The police chief said the 30-year-old had been diagnosed with a mental illness in the past couple of years and had been receiving treatment for the same. He insisted she was a victim of the shooting as well.

"Here recently, she appeared to be in a mental crisis, and the mental health crisis continued to get worse and her state of mental health deteriorated over the past two or three days," Brown shared. "Brittany Tucker, she is a victim in this as well, so that is why we are praying for her parents and her family as well as the Logwood family. This a tragic incident that we wish we would have been able to prevent."

Brown said the police department, as well as the whole community, was hurting from the incident and that he and his officers were available "to reach out and sit down and talk with them about everything we know if it will help bring them closure."

Logwood's brother has set up a GoFundMe page on behalf of his sister and asked for donations that will cover the cost of her funeral. The page has raised $6,700 at the time of writing.

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