Meghan Trainor's anxiety and panic attacks gave her 'No Excuses' to give up!

Meghan Trainor is promising her fans that out of this dark period in her life comes one of her best works yet in the form of her third studio album.

Meghan Trainor's anxiety and panic attacks gave her 'No Excuses' to give up!

Meghan Trainor is promising fans that her third upcoming studio album is going to be her best work yet. The singer and songwriter opened up to her fans about struggling with anxiety and panic attacks. 

Her new single, 'No Excuses' recently hit the airwaves and has become an instant theme song for people who are done with excuses. The song it seems is also Meghan's new anthem. 

She shared her some of the personal challenges she faced while working on her new album in an Instagram post. The singer revealed that she had to undergo surgeries to save her vocal chords. This took a real toll on the singer, who revealed that it was the "darkest place" she had ever experienced. 

Meghan admitted to her fans in a Facebook interview, that her anxiety and panic attacks greatly inspired her new album. "I went into a dark place of anxiety for the first time in my life," she admits. "It destroyed my mental state."

But the 'All About That Bass' singer is being more careful this time around. She's more focused on her health, her voice and her blooming career. Meghan is most excited about her dad featuring on her new album. "My dad, Gary Trainor, is featured on one of my songs. It's called 'Good Morning' and I've always wanted my dad to be featured, so it was a big dream."

Though it was a big dream, the addition happened all by accident. "I was playing the piano and my nails were clicking and they were like, 'Do you have a bracelet on?' and I was like, 'No, please don't be the nails,' and it was, so I was like, 'Dad, can you play this part for me?' And he did and killed it."


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Meghan's recent engagement to 'Spy Kids' actor Daryl Sabara has also inspired her new album that's going to have a chockful of "intense love songs". "They're pretty intense love songs," she admits. "So not your classic, 'Ooh boy I met you and things are great.' It's like, 'I'm down forever to be yours,' you know, very passionate big anthems, big pop songs."

The album, which is yet to be titled, has no release date set. We can't wait for the new music!

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