Meghan Markle's dress cost estimated to be a lot more than Kate Middleton's

For the Royal Foundation Forum event, Meghan Markle's dress was about a 1000% more expensive than Kate Middleton's Seraphine dress.

                            Meghan Markle's dress cost estimated to be a lot more than Kate Middleton's

When you are part of the Royal family, your expenses know no bounds and whether it is travel, shopping, appearance, events, the Royal family is expected to always put its best foot forward.

Most of their outfits and accessories are beyond what us mortals can hope for but every once in a while, you could find something at a relatively affordable price; Kate Middleton's latest dress. 

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The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, her husband Prince William, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry all gathered together for their first official joint royal event, The Royal Foundation forum on February 28. Kate Middleton sported a Seraphine maternity dress which was in her favorite color.  

As Kate Middleton welcomes baby no. 3, Seraphine dresses have become a constant part of Middleton's regular wardrobe and this particular tailored waist look is really working well for her. The outfit is likely to fit into most of our budgets and Middleton has worn this many times before due to its stretch fabric and the way it falls. 

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While Kate Middleton shined on in a dress which has been estimated to cost below £200, Meghan Markle took to wearing a slightly more expensive and different scale of dress. Markle wore a still-in-stock Jason Wu wrap dress with a belt is believed to be estimated at over £1,300. 

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As compared to Kate Middleton's dress, Markle decided to go with a navy look which had trench like detailing as well as no sleeves. The Jason Wu dress was quite a bit more expensive than Kate Middleton's dress and show that the two women have slightly different choices and approaches to their dressing sense. 

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Despite having different choices in clothing and their different outfits, both Markle and Middleton seemed to very well in sync with each other (both wore blue, both wore heels, knee-length dresses, and had similar hairstyles) and their different dresses did not get in the way of that. 

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Both the women seem to have a lot of fans and followers and people took to Twitter to comment:  

Another user commented in response to Meghan Markle's speech on women empowerment. 

Here is a video of the four of them at the event:  

There is not much time left until the Royal wedding and then both the women will officially be sisters-in-law. 


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