Man who raped a drunk 18-year-old after dragging her into alley jailed for eight years

A UK man who was captured on CCTV dragging a drunk teen into an alleyway and raping her for 30 minutes has been sentenced to jail for eight years on July 5

                            Man who raped a drunk 18-year-old after dragging her into alley jailed for eight years
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A man in the UK was captured on CCTV cameras dragging a drunk teen into an alleyway and then raping her for almost 30 minutes. He has been sentenced to jail for eight years on July 5. 28-year-old Sanjay Naker, who is married, followed the 18-year-old after he saw her being kicked out of Number 1 club in London Bridge for being too intoxicated. He hung around outside the bar and was then seeing slinging the teen over his shoulder and then dragging her out of view of the busy street on March 11, 2017.

Horrifying CCTV footage that was released by the Met Police showed the girl not being able to stand or walk properly because she was under the influence. The video then shows Naker pulling her along to a secluded alley. 

The girl can be seen falling down and hitting her head before it looked like she tried to "claw her way along the wall" to try and get away from the creep. Naker, who is an employee at PricewaterhouseCoopers in London, was then seen forcing her to perform sexual acts, assaulting and then raping her for almost 30 minutes. He was spotted by a security guard at 4:45 am zipping his pants up while standing over his victim. The girl was unconscious at the time and was half-naked lying in a pool of her own urine.

Naker then took a minicab to his home that he stayed in with his wife, whom he has been married to for two years. He proceeded to search for the definition of "rape" on the internet. The presiding judge in the court, Judge Freya Newberry, was having none of his excuses and said that Naker "saw an opportunity". She also said that the attack had been a "mixture of his own desire and arrogance".

As she was sentencing him for eight years in prison, she told him: "If you formed a view that the woman wanted to have sex with you, you were very much mistaken. It was quite clear that you decided that you wanted to have sex with her and she had no recollection of what happened but you saw an opportunity. 

"It was a mixture of your own desire and arrogance regardless of any intoxication on your part. You took her to a filthy secluded corner and the CCTV footage, which is compelling to my mind, shows that she could barely stand up. It shows she fell and banged her head, and even in her intoxicated state, she was trying to get away from you. You dragged her to a chosen spot, using some force, and for half an hour you repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted her."

"She was either unconscious or nearly unconscious with her tights and underwear down her legs so her bottom was exposed, lying in a puddle of her own urine. 

She is still a teenager, coming to terms with what happened to her and was particularly vulnerable in her state and level of extreme intoxication. She has been left anxious and afraid, reclusive and scared and really repulsed by an idea of any intimate relationships."

The court also heard that the teen was with her cousin at the club celebrating a birthday when she entered the VIP area. Once there, a group of men had kept pouring her glasses of vodka mixed with Redbull. She told the jury that the men in the VIP area had kept calling her "pretty" and "attractive". One had even tried to kiss her, allegedly. She was seen on the CCTV footage from outside the club stumbling around and then falling into a nearby gutter after the bouncer did not let her go back inside. The teen said she woke up in considerable pain the next day in the hospital and said she "felt really scared".

While crying in court and recounting what happened, the girl said: "I did not remember having sexual intercourse with anyone that night. I do not go clubbing very often and I don't drink that much. It was like I was drugged or something and my head hurt so I thought I might have hit it at some point. I did not want to have sex. I was on my period and I was also seeing people, and I'm not one to just have a one night stand. It was a bit out of character." 

The prosecutor, Neena Crinnion, said that Naker had not been given access into the club and was spotted "loitering" outside. She said: 'He managed to maneuver her on to his back, into a piggyback position, and he is off across the road and down towards the passageway."

"Even in her drunken state, she managed to push him off. She started to claw her way along the wall. Mr. Naker gets hold of her and drags her along the walkway. When passers-by come along, he leaves her alone but as soon as they are out of view he goes back to get her. He quickly got off the ground and fastened his trousers then took a minicab to the home he shares with his wife." 

Naker has denied that he raped the teen and instead told the authorities that she was "really horny" and has allegedly begged him for sex. He lives in a house with his mother and his wife of two years. The man insisted that, if he knew the 18-year-old hadn't consented to the sex, he would have stopped.

The jury deliberated for over six hours and convicted Naker of three charges of rape, one count of attempted rape and one of sexual assault in the end. He was cleared of one charge of assault by penetration. His mother was seen in court bawling her eyes out as he was led from the dock. His friends were seen telling him to be brave and to stay strong.

The man, who is from Wood Green in north London, has been sentenced to eight years behind bars. His name has also been added to the sex offenders' register permanently.