One couple’s happy honeymoon almost turned into a bloodfest, when the bride got bitten by a nurse shark while snorkeling. Evan Carroll took his bride Sarah Illig for a honeymoon on the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean on December 8 and they added snorkeling as a fun activity on their itinerary. Little did they know that it will be the one thing they will remember the most from their trip.

Sarah says: “Mid snorkeling with the sharks I felt a whoosh of water, something clamp down on my arm and assumed my husband was playing a prank of me. Less than a second later I realized how much it hurt and looked past where my goggles were blocking my side vision to see the shark (bigger than myself) latched onto my arm. I pulled it away/the combination of the shark releasing and got out of there. [sic]

Disclaimer: This is a five foot nurse shark that typically never bite unless provoked via tail pulling, feeding, etc. There was no tail pulling or feeding during my snorkel with them (as you can clearly see via video)."

Normally, these creatures shy away from humans and are quite docile; there are no records of them attacking unprovoked, says George Burgess, a shark researcher with the Florida Museum of Natural History. Though nurse sharks are normally not aggressive, their bite is no joke. Luckily, the video shows that the shark stopped pursuit after the woman, as there is barely any blood in the water.

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